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Reading is my hobby as well as writing, although I have only finished one story so far. It was for Inuyasha, a one shot challenge response named He Cooks! (It can be found at Fanfiction.Net).

I discovered anime a few years back, and not much later I discovered the world of fanfiction. There I found some really great fanfics to keep up.

The anime I watched in the beginning were Blue Seed, and Neo Genesis Evangelion. Then I fell in love with the anime and manga for Rurouni Kenshin, and Inuyasha. I moved no further for a very long time.

I also like anything related to Star Wars, The X-Files, and whatever Anne McCaffrey writes (but mostly the Dragon Riders of Pern series). Then Teleosphilos, who was my beta and co-writer for the later chapters of Present Time, introduced me to Harry Potter and I fell in love with the books. The saga has become somewhat of a passion, and since I discovered I have writen over 100 plot bunnies (not all are good, but some might make it into stories). This blog is to post all of those plot bunnies.

A long while ago Present Time was deleted. Fanfiction.Net has a policy of deleting first and never asking questions, or bothering to investigate. I had around 330 reviews then, so whatever the number of reviews Present Time has now add those to get an idea of the real number.

I never knew the reason why it was deleted, but I suspect someone complained about something, although there was nothing at the time that might have been cause for a complain as the NC-17 chapter was never posted in Fanfiction.Net. That chapter used to be at MediaMiner.org, but alas, the story was deleted there too after it made it to the featured stories. I also don’t know why, but I suspect it was that NC-17 chapter as they have new policies for the adult ratings.

Anyway, the chapter will be here, but you must register to read it, and confirm that you’re old enough to be reading that type of material. Sorry for that, but I have to make sure in order to avoid problems.

For those wanting to know Inuyasha’s Corner is officially dead. There were simply too many problems to get it back up, not the least was the very noisy death of the hard disk where I had the site backed up. In it’s place is this blog where I’ll be posting my writings.

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  1. Ink Dragon
    Ink Dragon March 12, 2016 at 8:43 am |

    I know you never finished Present Time, but i was looking though my archive of stories and found I had a few more chapters that weren’t posted here. I have up to chapter 26. They can be found on my google drive here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9hgJ3yr0stUWHBSSmE5d3dmVjA&usp=sharing

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