Unexpected Child – Original Draft (04)

Here is the last part of what I got from my nephew, there is still more but he has not finished typing it, so I have to wait until he does.
Anyway I’ll start typing some of the revisions, I probably start with number 7 (they are numbered from 1 -which is the original draft- to 17 which is the last revision I made. As they are really a lot of pages I have them in two separate notebooks -Mike has from 1 to 6- so I’ll start witht the first of the notebook I have.

I was not too happy with Severus reactions, so I did make changes to that on the revisions. The one that I like best is the version of Severus in revision 10. I have a part already typed, I just need to see how much because I don’t remember. If it’s enoght I’ll upload it soon.

Harry blanched but nodded, his first trip with a portkey had led him to Voldemort and Cedric’s death at Wormtail’s hand. He held little Ann tight. A look at Snape told him the man was so tense he might break. Also for a moment he thought he was going to tell him to leave the baby but Snape didn’t say anything, just tapped the quill with his wand and muttered Albus office.

Harry landed in a painful heap on the floor doing his best not to wake little Ann. The headmaster and Minerva McGonagall were the only ones there. They looked at the arrivals quite surprised. In a tight barely controlled voice Snape told them he was going to his dungeons. Harry could tell he was shaking. He did not make it to the door, his legs buckled and he ended on his knees breathing hard and trying to get him self under control. Albus was beside him in an instant, kneeling at his side. Asking concerned what was wrong. For the first time since he arrived to Hogwarts Severus Snape, Potions Master, teacher, Death Eater turned spy, broke down and wept.

At a look from Albus, Minerva helped Harry with the baby, seeing him with a child surprised her, but it was not the moment to ask questions. She led the crying children -the little girl woke up- probably distressed by Severus. She was worried about him, she just couldn’t figure out what could make him break his control so totally. But she couldn’t stay, Harry was crying, saying it was his fault. He looked clearly in shock, seeing Snape -cold hearted Snape- like that would probably do the trick. At the moment she needed him to calm down and explain also she who the little onewas. She was days old. After a good dose of calming Potion she might be able to extract some answers, from Harry.

Then teen was feeling so guilty, he really was not coherent. He’d done that to Snape, it seemed he really loved Ann’s mother. Perhaps if he had used Magic from the start or gone for help instead of doing as she asked. Once again someone was hurting because he had not thought, because he was weak.

Poppy decided a calming potion was not going to be enough; the boy was hurting emotionally that was what caused the shock. She put Harry to sleep. Then directed her attention to the baby. Minerva McGonagall had several children and grand children, she knew how to deal with magical babies. By the time the medi-witch was through with Harry, she’d calmed the baby. After a trough examination, she concluded the girl was fine, healthy 6 days old and needed a change of diapers.

After confirming with Minerva that they brought no baby things, the medi-witch had a house-elf go shop for some basic things to Hogsmead. The house elf was back shortly. They transfigured one bed into a crib, and set it closer to Harry. After all he’d been the one carrying her, and the baby seemed to be sensitive enough to recognize his magical aura.

They had no answers and even more questions when Albus came, helping a catatonic Potions Master.

“Merlin Headmaster, what happened to Severus?” Poppy asked while she checked the younger wizard.

“Grief Poppy, and shock,” he responded sadly. “He… was barely able to speak… but, I know what he was up to last year,” he said and watched the younger wizard close his tortured eyes after drinking Dreamless Sleep Potion.”

“He… got himself a girlfriend?” Minerva put two and two together.

“Yes, a muggle woman. Her name was Ann…”

“Albus, Severus is not one to crumble over an affair…”

“No Poppy, he’s not. He was very serious about it. But she being muggle he did not want to put her at risk. So he stopped seeing her November last year, until things were safe. And he could offer a peaceful life.”

“Where does Harry fit in?”

He told him the news, I think… saw her die but… Severus was not very coherent… I fear he might not pull through,”

“Albus you don’t mean…”

“Yes, keep him restrained,”

“What about the baby?”

“We need to talk to Harry for that. Minerva.”

Harry woke up a few hours later to Lily Ann’s hungry cries. He scooped her up from the crib beside his bed, noticing his shoulder and rib were healed. Moments later Madame Pomfrey came in carrying a bottle.

“Oh good you’re wake Harry, let me have her and feed her”

“It’s ok, I’ll do it,” He said grabbing the bottle and sitting back on the bed, he got comfortable and fed her with practiced ease. At the medi-witch’s puzzled expression he explained.

“Been taking care of Lily Ann since she was born, thought I was just starting to learn how to change a diaper. I wasn’t in a hurry to learn if the nurses could do it.”

“Harry, is she yours? Where’s the mother?” She jumped to conclusions, it wasn’t unheard of for teens to experiment and end getting a girl pregnant.

“Mine? No, I’m not Lily Ann’s father. I did name her, and I’m her godfather,” he was quiet for a moment watching the baby. She had pale ivory skin, a mop of fine raven black hair and a dainty nose. It seemed she had not inherited Snape’s nose. “How… how is Professor Snape?”

“He… he’s grief stricken I gave him Dreamless Sleep Potion. Harry what happened?”

“I think you better call the Headmaster ma’am. I… don’t want to have to tell this a fourth time”


Madame Pomfrey called Dumbledore, he came with McGonagall, it was really no secret, and yet few people knew they were married for more than 20 years. With the Headmaster there and a good dosage of calming potion. Harry re-told the story. This time he didn’t omit using magic, without his wand, and that he was still surprised he didn’t get notice or Ministry officials in the alley. Through out the story he had been detached as if telling it from an outsiders point of view. He did get an explanation for Lily Ann’s behavior. Some wizard children felt comforted by being in the presence of other magic users, they also identified family. Like parents and siblings, and on occasion friends or protectors. She probably recognized him as protector and since he was young enough probably a sibling.

Harry wanted to know what was going to happen to her, but they didn’t have an answer. It would depend on Snape if he wanted to keep his child and raise her as a single parent. Or give her up for adoption. He bristled at the thought and asked what his rights as godfather were.

It happened that his rights had more weight in the magical world than in the muggle. Even if he was underage he had a say in the matter, and could keep her as long as he proved he could support and care for her. He could, and decided to ask a trip to Gringotts as soon as possible. Dumbledore told him not to assume things yet. Severus was not cold hearted, regard less of what he made people think. At the moment he was in shock and grieving, he was not in himself. They would wait until he was better and see what his decision was.

Snape was unresponsive for 10 days, it left everyone baffled because it was completely unlike him. The man just gave up and locked himself in his mind. He didn’t eat, barely slept and had not moved from the bed. In his mind he saw no reason to go on, for a long time he had not dared to even glimpse the possibility of being happy, of redeeming himself from his mistake of following Voldermort. He didn’t deserve it. Then Ann appeared to a lonely and hurting 34 year old man, with no hopes or expectations, and NO luck with women, and she offered hope, love, dreams, companionship. He clung to her and dared to think of the future, a happy one. Fate had played him a painful prank. Severus wanted to curse, and hit something -anything- but he had no strength, no will. In those moments, he tried to lay the blame on Potter, on someone he could get even with, and he could not. It wasn’t the boys fault, he tried to save her, he risked his life but… in the end Potter was a small lad and not physically strong.

No, no matter how he had hated the-boy-who lived he couldn’t anymore.

Harry had withdrawn into himself too, but he had Lily Ann to look after and he refused to allow the older witches, Pomfrey and McGonagall, to completely take over her care. As long he looked after the baby, he had no chance to wallow in guilt and self pity, that reared their ugly heads when he managed to sleep. Nightmares of Cedric’s death, his parents’, Ann’s mother, mixed all together with his Uncle telling him he was ‘no good’, and a ‘freak’. That they never wanted him; and the fact that his relatives actually abandoned him, sinking finally in, made his dreams an ugly place to be. He had also 3 visions of Voldemort, he was furious with Snape for not responding to his call. On the second he ordered Lucius Malfoy to investigate.

He warned the headmaster and they hid him and little Ann for Malfoy’s visit. The man was perplexed at Severus condition; he poked and prodded none too gently but got no response. When he asked what happened, he only got ‘we don’t knows’, they said they found him like that outside Hogwarts’ gates, and the diagnostic was shock.

Something had shocked him into that condition, and they would not have any answers until he came out of it on his own. Malfoy left quite… upset. That same night there was a Death Eater meeting, where Lucius explained what he found. The Dark Lord was not pleased, especially because he really couldn’t do anything about it. He’d caused extreme pain in his two callings and the man was still catatonic. He would have to do without his potions Master.

On the 10 th day after knowing of Ann’s death he began to come out of his shock. No matter how much he had wanted to lie prone on the bed and waste until he died, Severus Snape was not quitter.

He always managed, and he would survive her death. He had not dwelled on the rest of the story, but he realized there was more, he just couldn’t really focus on what it was. The cries of a baby, and some loud discussion brought him completely out of his limbo. The baby, Ann and his baby, was almost bursting her lungs out, drowning the shouting. On unsteady legs he stood up to investigate.

The scene he found was shocking; Pomfrey and McGonagall had Harry Potter -who carried his screaming daughter- cornered at the far end of the room. As he approached he noticed the boy didn’t look good, he… seemed on the brink of a break down from exhaustion. McGonagall was trying to reason with him, to convince the boy to let them take the baby for a night so he could sleep. Pomfrey was not making things easier by threatening to drug him again, again? How long had he been out?

“Don’t you dare!”

“Come on Harry, be reasonable. You need to sleep you’ve been taking care of the baby for 16 days! You need to rest! You needed to rest even before she was born!”

“No, I promised I would take care of her until he could. But he can’t and it’s my fault, it’s all my fault. I might not have liked him, but I never really wanted to hurt the Professor. Never thought anyone could, but I was not strong enough again and people died. And… and he’s been like dead for 10 days, I did that…”

“It’s not your fault you saved little Ann…”

“It IS you know? It always is. I’m the freak that gets people in trouble… and they hated me for that, they discarded me like trash… perhaps I am…”

“Potter, stop that nonsense right now!” Severus ordered the hysterical boy, who turned to see him with wide relieved eyes. Harry passed by the women, walked to him and handed him the baby. He didn’t really know how to hold her, she… looked so tiny and frail. Potter corrected his hold so her head was supported.

“I’m sorry Sir, I really tied… at least I kept my promise. She’s… fine… just needs a diaper change…” with that his eyes rolled in his head and he fainted. Severus was hard pressed to catch him with one arm, but Minerva was by his side in an instant to relieve him of little Ann. And he felt a slight reluctance to do so, yet Potter was a bit unwieldy for someone of her size even if the boy was small and light.

He carried him to the bed Poppy led him to, a crib was there as well as some basic baby things. While he settled him, Minerva took care of the baby.

“Now, can any of you explain?” He asked with a slight semblance of his farmer self.

“Not here, Harry really needs to sleep. Between the baby’s feedings, nightmares, and visions he has barely closed his eyes,” Poppy told him and gestured for them to leave.

“Why don’t you carry her?” Minerva suggested offering him the now quiet baby.

“I… I really don’t think…”

“Nonsense!” the witch said discarding with a wave of her hand any protest. “Here, just make sure you support her head. She’s too small to do it on her own” She handed him the baby.

The witches watched the incredulous look on his haggard face as little Ann felt who he was, and the recognition on her part. The new stranger was father. She had never felt him before, but knew him. A small hand grabbed his night shirt and when the warm sense of his magic brushed hers she fell asleep.

“Powerful little witch isn’t she?” The voice of Albus Dumbledore called his attention. “She’s usually a darling too, but new born babies can be very demanding. Come let’s take a seat and let poor Harry rest,” he said guiding the younger wizard back to his bed.

“I just got up Albus!” He protested, and yet did not resist.

“I know, but it’s always more comfortable to be seating when holding a small child”

“Severus, you haven’t eaten in a while, how about some light broth?” Poppy suggested, he was already seating on the bed and shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t like people fussing about him. Ann did, though, he remembered catching a cold while he visited. She’d fussed and made him lie down, with some warm tea, and muggle cold remedies. He didn’t remember someone being so caring since he…

“Severus child come back” Albus gentle voice brought him out of his memories. He looked embarrassed and avoided looking at any of them, instead fixed his gaze on the small bundle in his arms. She had his hair and coloring, but she looked a bit like her.

“She looks like…” he didn’t finish. “I remember Potter said something about naming her…”

“Yes, he chose Lily Ann Snape as her name, it’s muggle procedure in cases where the child is sick or orphaned. Harry wanted them to wait but they didn’t know how to locate you…”

“He hopes you don’t kill him for naming her…”

“Kill him? No, the name fits,” he said after a bit of thought. The brat chose well, he liked the sound, although he wasn’t sure he could call her Ann without remembering her mother. “He at least had the sense of NOT making her a Potter,” he said with an unsuccessful attempt to sneer.

“Well, if he feared you might kill him for choosing those names. He had no doubt you would if he used his last name. Although it did not occured to him she could be anything besides a Snape until later.

I… went to talk with the muggles at the hospital; the Doctor told me they would have used her mother’s last name. Harry insisted that she should carry yours”.

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  1. animealam
    animealam January 23, 2005 at 1:21 pm |

    I need to make some corrections to quite a few typos and repeated phrases in this part, but LiveJournal won’t let me!
    It’s been giving me some trouble so I will do the corretions when it let’s me.

  2. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 24, 2005 at 9:01 pm |

    I absolutely LOVED the beginning of this chapter where Snape said that he would go to his dungeons but collapsed instead. I loved how Minerva said that the “two children” were crying and how Harry was shocked at Snape’s behaviour. That just seemed so right for this story.

    I was a little iffy about how Dumbledore brought Snape back to the Hospital Wing- I feel like Snape would have protested or fought to be in his personal rooms and that we should have seen Snape saying that to Dumbledore before remembering that nothing mattered anymore and giving in to go to the Hospital Wing. I loved how Dumbledore mentioned the restraints:

    He told him the news, I think… saw her die but… Severus was not very coherent… I fear he might not pull through,”

    “Albus you don’t mean…”

    “Yes, keep him restrained,”

    That was just perfect. I wish that either Harry had woken up and notcied Snape laying there or that Snape woke up and noticed that he was restrained- we don’t get to see that happen very often but when you moved on to making Snape be dead-like for 10 days it didn’t work in. Too bad.

    I don’t really like how Snape was deadlike for so long- I don’t know why besides that we kind of miss a lot of stuff, emotional stuff, by taking this route and it seems a little out of character? Just slightly.

    It does work with getting Voldemort out of the picture for awhile though. If you have to have Snape out and responsive with enough time that Malfoy would show up and Voldemort would know that Snape is out of comission then maybe you should change the circumstances. As a suggestion of what you can do: Have Snape go down to his dungeons, before he was brought to the Hospital wing by Dumbledore, and have a suicide attempt by potion or take something that should make him dead to the world for years or something drastic. Dumbledore could come and check up on him and stop him from drinking it all or maybe find him there and brew up the counter potion, then bring him to the hospital wing.

    That way, Harry’s panick attack or exhaustion attack would be that much more real- he really thinks that Snape was dying or going to die.

    Snape could wake up, know what was going on like you have and Harry could give the baby to him…

    Snape’s suicide attempt (sleeping attempt?) would not really change his character. It would be something he just did right away, something he did at the moment because he couldn’t handle it. Since then, with the time and rest he got he would be more in character and more rational and wouldn’t do something like that again. Does that make sense how I said that?

    I think that Snape would be a very quiet and subdued man for awhile… a wonderful side of him to read about interacting with Harry. As a reader, I would like Snape to realize (to mention it somewhere in his thoughts) that ‘Lily’, the name Harry gave his daughter, was Harry’s mother’s name and what he felt about it. Was he touched that Harry named his child after his mother? Detatched and not really caring?

    Also, if Dumbledore went back to the Muggle Hospital it seems off that there was no mention of Harry and Lily’s disappearance from the hospital. Two ‘children’ missing would be a big news story and a big panick attack for the hospital.

    I love that last line “…told me they would have used her mother’s last name. Harry insisted that she should carry yours”. That was wonderful.

    I love this story so much. 🙂

  3. animealam
    animealam January 25, 2005 at 2:09 pm |

    The part with Snape dead-like is precisely the part I really don’t like.
    It was a crazy 48 hour brainstorm that created the original draft of this story, and I never really know what I wrote until I read it again. I know this might be odd, but I sort of get disconnected when I write. So once I read what I wrote that part just jumped at me, it was too OC.

    What I did was make him get plastered in his dungeons and he destroys just about everything, stays drunk for a few days. He does try to indirectly kill himself by trying to attend a summons from Voldie after he missed two. Dumbledore is the one that stops him and makes him realize that he has not lost everything, that he has a daughter.

    There is a scene I really like next, when Severus finally gets to carry his daughter and decides that since he is a marked man he can’t keep her. That Lily would be safer with someone else. Harry does not agree with this decision and says that he would raise her himself as it’s his right as her Godfather.

    Severus is rather cruel at Harry pointing out that Harry is just a child and can’t protect her. Severus hits a nerve since Harry feels very guilty, because he believes himself responsible for the deaths. Now Severus realizes he pushed Harry too far, when Harry runs from the infirmary and Severus goes after him. This scene is the one that breaks the ice between them, because Severus has to talk Harry out of killing himself when he had just tried to do the same a few hours before.

    Now to give you an idea this doesn’t happen the same day Harry and Lily arrive to Hogwarts, it’s about the second week. Dumbledore, Severus and an OC named Bart Sawyer (muggleborn solicitor for muggle/wizard problems) have used a time turner to fix Severus and the children disappearance from the Hospital. Also one of the important things in the story is that too many muggles know about Harry being involved int the mugging, because of national TV and the newspapers. So they can’t solve this by purely magical means. I haven’t written this yet but you’ll see Harry going to court with Severus.

    There’s quite a lot going on so what I’m going to do is type revision 10 and two others with the explanations needed and upload them as soon as I can. Probably by Friday, since I have a very busy day tomorrow and I’m not sure how much time I’ll be able to have.

  4. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 25, 2005 at 2:11 pm |

    Yay! 🙂 The changes sound great. I’ll eagerly await the time until you upload them. 🙂

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