Unexpected Child – Orignal Draft (03)

Doctor Thomas went to look for the chaplain and Harry took the time to investigate the window. He was lucky that it opened, Hedwig would be able to come in, there was no sign of her but since it was already dark she might be hunting, she was sure she’d find a nice plump rat, there had been a few in the alley. The doctor came in with the chaplain; there was the matter of finding someone to be the infant’s godmother or godfather. Usually a staff member offered even if they never took care of the child. Harry asked that if a God parent wanted to fulfill the role if he had the right. The answer was yes. He could not let little Ann go to an orphanage, at least not for long. She was really powerful even for a baby that small and knowing what an orphanage did to Tom Riddle… If Snape didn’t want her then he’ll take her in he’d promised, and even if he was under age at 16, in a year he might be able to do something, she was no muggle so she did not have to stay in that world under their rules.

So he offered to be Lily Ann’s godfather at first, the Doctor and chaplain refused he was just a child too. But his arguments were quite good. First of all he knew the father, and secretly wished that Snape did not kill him for meddling in his private life. Second HE HAD already promised the child’s mother before she died, he did not want to break that. He did have the means to support the both of them. His parents left him well off, and he could collect when he was 16, this last he made up, he could already use his inheritance stored in Gringotts. And there seemed to be more than enough.

He did wonder if Dumbledore would let him keep a baby in Hogwarts, or if Snape would make his life miserable. The man was too cold and calculating, he was almost positive he might not want to do anything with babies and raising them. He didn’t know either, but… he just could not leave another orphan, his own life had been hard and lonely enough, to wish that on another child. I was agreed to let him be little Ann’s godfather after much thinking.

Little Ann stayed with him, they had tried to take her to the nursery but the disconsolate crying resumed. After two hours of non-stop wailing the chief nurse brought her back, Ann calmed and Harry was allowed to feed her bottle. Every 4 hours approximately a nurse would came and take care of the baby, he could help feed her again if he wanted, but couldn’t do much else be cause of his cracked rib and the wound on his shoulder., if had not been deep, but required 26 stitches so has left arm ended in a sling to keep from putting too much strain on his injury. After he got dinner he managed to get his hands on pen and paper. After several frustrating attempts, he finally wrote a letter to Snape that wasn’t too bad.


Professor Snape:

At the start of summer break, yesterday, I came upon some information that might be important to you. I would prefer to discuss this in person, as I’m sure you will. I am not staying with my relatives for reasons I’ll also explain when we meet.

I am in room 531 at St. Augusta General Hospital, please came straight to the room. People here have only been informed that my name’s Harry. Come dressed as a muggle; bring a muggle id if at all possible with your real name.

Please do not inform the Headmaster, once you hear what I have to say, I’ll leave the decision to you. I’m probably going to be here about 5 days. I don’t know where I’ll be after that, but I’ll send word with Hedwig.

Harry Potter


Severus Snape stared at the note in front of him. Not a week out of school and Gryffindor’s-Golden-Boy had already gotten himself in trouble. What the hell was that boy doing in a muggle hospital? And the damn letter was too cryptic; he really said nothing except ask not to tell Dumbledore. It was dated 3 days ago, according to the house elves the owl arrived only yesterday. He had been out trying to feel the water, Voldemort had not called again, but it was a matter of time. He needed to know how bad it was going to be going back; after all he had not attended his first summons.

He and Dumbledore had worked on a plausible story, to cover that and the fact that Hogwarts Headmaster had bailed him out of the Azkaban 14 years ago. He sincerely hoped it worked, not just for his sake. He was well aware that if he succeeded in going back into Voldemort’s inner circle he might be able to provide just that piece of information that might win the war. Unlike the first time he had personal reasons for it to end. He, Severus Snape, wanted a chance at having a life. He… never thought he deserved it, but life found him and he really wanted it. For Ann, his little blonde muggle, he would go back to spying. To live on the line for a chance of a peaceful life.

“Merlin, I miss you,” He whispered to the picture of her he usually kept inside his drawer, and only got out when he was alone.


He met her a year before, he’d been in dire need of a break from everything. It was just the beginning of summer break, and Hogsmead wasn’t to tempting a place to have a few drinks, and probably get plastered, too many people knew him, too many possible enemies around. So he packed a small duffel bag that looked very normal, with some muggle clothes. Transfigured his clothes to fit in London and as soon as he was out of Hogwarts’ he apparated to London , booked himself in a hotel for 3 days, and went out in search of a quiet pub.

He found one a couple of blocks from his hotel. There weren’t many patrons but looked clean. He went in choose a boot at the back were it was dark and ordered his first whiskey, of the night. It was still early so about 1½ later the place was packed, it was still nice so he stayed.

A very pretty petite blonde approached him, asking if he wouldn’t mind sharing his table. The whiskey had mellowed his mood to a point, so he’d just shrugged. She took it as a yes, soon she was trying to draw a conversation, and he being his usual self tried to avoid it. Until one long forgotten part of his brain reacted and called him to task for being an idiot.

There he was, sitting at a pub with beautiful woman trying to make a pass at him. Was he stupid or something? That was something that did not happen to Severus Snape very of… well it’d never happened before. So he came out of his shell and conversed with her. She was smart and witty and she actually made him laugh, the whole student body of Hogwarts that had ever taken a lesson with him would have had a heart attack if they’d seen him. He really liked her, specially her expressive large baby blue eyes. They had talked and laughed for a few hours and she’d been the bold one who started the kiss. They’d ended in his hotel and did not come out of the room in two days. He disappeared from Hogwarts for two weeks.

Dumbledore almost had a fit; Severus had to admit the man loved him almost like a son. And the Headmaster had been a father figure for him since he was studying. And he had behaved like a hormonal teenager. He apologized for disappearing but offered no explanations. Afterwards whenever he went to visit his little muggle, as he thought of her, he did inform he’d be disappearing. Not just where or sent an owl. No need to have Dumbledore think Death Eaters captured him.

He kept seeing her for 6 months, once the Herm started it had been difficult, still he managed to keep his relationship, and happiness, a secret. But things weren’t looking good and he was beginning to worry. He was not a seer but, his hunches were accurate most of the times. And he got the feeling things would start going downhill. Severus decided to stop his trips to Ann, he did explain. As he’d told her he was a wizard, he’d even opened up enough to talk about his past, and she had not condemned him. His last visit was in November, the weekend after Halloween. He’d given her his mother’s signet ring as a gift and a promise to be back.

<End of Flashback>

Severus decided to humor Potter the boy and his accomplices had a knack for coming in contact with information that they shouldn’t have, but was always important. Just in case of trouble he decided to take the emergency portkey to the headmaster’s office. He went to Hogsmead and floo*ed to the leaky cauldron. Once there he transfigured his clothes to black jeans and shirt, and took a taxi to St. Augusta General Hospital.

When he arrived he had feet tempted to ask some questions, and would have but the spoiled brat had specifically requested not to. It puzzled him but again decided to humor the kid. He took the elevator to the 5 th floor and found himself in the pediatric area. He supposed Potter being under age would still be in the age range of that profession. He found the room easily enough and without knocking went, in. He couldn’t help but gape, there was Potter sitting in a hospital bed, arm in a sling feeding and talking softly to a baby; if the blanket was any indication, a girl.

“I indeed think this deserve an explanation in person Potter… didn’t think… you had it in you,” He finally said after recovering from the chocking image. The boy started and looked at him blinking owlishly for a moment before his words sunk in. Then he became all flustered unable to utter a word.

“Well I’m waiting?” he raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not what it seems Sir,” he finally said, “She’s my goddaughter,” he explained and still got a raised eyebrow. “It’s a long story Sir; you might want to take a seat.”

“Why aren’t you in Privet Drive ?” He asked as he moved toward the chair beside the bed.

“In the pocket of my bag you’ll find a letter… I think it’ll be enough of an explanation,” he saw Snape get the letter and start to read, he had decided while he waited for him, that the truth would be the best approach, even if he really did not like letting him know life wasn’t peachy.

“Why…” he began, shocked again in less than 10 min. It seemed his… belief of the boy having a grand spoiled and pampered life was completely mistaken. “Didn’t you inform the headmaster? This is dated two days before the Hogwarts express left.”

“I tried Sir; I really tried to tell Professor Dumbledore. But… he didn’t even let me say two words…”

“And what were you pretending to do?”

“Find Diagon alley, go to Gringotts, check how much I have and well… fin himself somewhere to live for two months. In muggle London . But… things… happened while on my way there…” he said the last softly avoided looking at him while he awkwardly managed to burp the little girl. Snape could tell she was a witch, quite strong for someone so young and small.

“When don’t ‘things’ happen to you Potter?”

“Believe me Professor, I really wish they did not. I would give anything to be Harry, plain ordinary boy with boring ordinary life.”

With that he launched his recount of the events that landed him in a hospital caring for baby girl. He saw Snape first look surprised when he said Ann Watkins was pregnant, according to Doctor 9 months, and should not have been out. Then his expression turned to anger, his knuckles went with, and slowly passed to dread as he went on. He related delivering the baby. Being in shock, Snape had hidden his face in his hands, he’d gone transparent. Harry paused, he got the feeling his Professor already knew she died. He told him she said he was her baby’s father, when he urged him to go on in a strained voice. He went on, telling the man everything until he came in.

“I… tried… I really did Sir, but… he… he’d already hurt her before I heard. I… I’m really sorry,” Harry was crying. He felt deep sorrow coming from the usually Snarky professor. The man remained unmoving for a long moment. Then stood up, his face a expressionless mask, he grabbed his bag.

“Are these you things?”

“Yes Sir,”

“We’re leaving,” he took out a quill. “Portkey” he explained. “Dumbledore’s office.”

Harry blanched but nodded, his first trip with a portkey had led him to Voldemort and Cedric’s death at Wormtail’s hand. He held little Ann tight. A look at Snape told him, the man told him the man was so tense he might break. Also for a moment he thought he was going to tell him to leave the baby but Snape didn’t say anything, just tapped the quill with his wand and muttered Albus office.

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  1. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 23, 2005 at 2:33 am |

    Great. 🙂 Loved it. I guess that you thought of the name Lily too.

    You managed to show Snape’s sadness, his character at the end so well. I would have liked to see the police or the Nurse come in and talk to Snape, try to stop him (SOMEONE must have seen him come in) but it was also good being a quiet moment between Snape and Harry.

    Would Harry have said something about checking out of the hospital? Like, if he just disapeared then the police would think that he ran away and stole/kidnapped the baby and put a search out for him.


  2. animealam
    animealam January 23, 2005 at 11:46 am |

    Glad you like this so far, I’m posting more today, probably two more parts.

    I have a revision on the Snape/Harry interaction, but I haven’t typed it yet, so it’s going to take a while before I add it to the Journal.

    So far I had not thought of Harry saying anything to Snape about leaving the Hospital as both were too emotionally distraught. But there will be more in a later revision about how that particular problem gets solved. 🙂 (Revision number 12 actually) so I guess I better start typing like crazy.

    Also on to other things I’m going to try to make a skin for the forum based on your sadness1 skin, so far it was rather complicated (too many files to check over) but if I manage then I will be making other skins based on those you have for Potions and Snitches. I’m also going to remove the Writing, eFiction and other skins not related to the site, no need to leave them.

  3. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 23, 2005 at 11:48 am |

    oh wait. Do you mean the Writing and Efiction skins on the archive? Please leave them, I rather like them and I think that some people might too. >.< Well okay, I'll be on for awhile... hours yet.

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