Unexpected Child – Original Draft (02)

umm… by the way Jan don’t bother correcting this one, it’s a reference to where I want the story to go, and I’m probably going to make too many changes before I post it as a chapter.

Harry woke up in a white room. A look around told him he was in a hospital, his shoulder hurt and also his chest when taking a deep breath. It took him a moment to remember why he was there, and then he sat upright, the sudden movement causing a sharp pain in his chest. He ignored it the best he could, he had to find the baby. No one noticed he was up; his bag of clothes was beside the bed so he got dressed, and slipped out of the room when no one was looking. Sneaking around was one of his specialties, even with out his invisibility cloak. He found out the newborns were in the same floor, and got there easily. With people none the wiser.

A new born was crying her lungs out, and creating general racket in there. There was a small cluster of doctors. and nurses with the baby, all looking concerned and puzzled.

Some things were rattling but they barely noticed, and Harry could feel the strong magical aura coming from the room, even before he reached the window.

As soon as he plastered himself there the baby began to calm down. He felt like a tentative touch to his senses, like the tingle he’d felt in the restaurant, and he returned it, not really sure how.

At that moment security caught up with him a nurse noticed he’d escaped from his room, he wasn’t well yet and the police wanted to ask some questions. The thug had some pretty weird story, about being attacked by a bird and flung through the air with just a word. But Harry didn’t want to leave, mostly because the baby didn’t want him to go. The moment he was a few feet away the little girl began her crying again. Harry managed to slip and get closer, she calmed down. The little struggle caught the attention of the pediatrician. She saw the boy being dragged away and her patient started bawling her lungs out. She had not eaten yet, not stopped crying since the paramedics brought her in a few hours ago. She couldn’t keep up with that, she was already weak. And there wasn’t anything wrong with her. The circumstances of her birth were tragic and unfortunate and she had not been physically hurt by it. But her strength was faltering, if she didn’t stop crying and eat. The Doctor was reluctant to feed her intravenously.

The paramedics came with the tale that they had to sedate a teen to be able to examine her. He was injured and in shock. Everything pointed out that he delivered the little baby. Her cries were getting weaker and the Doctor decided to put to test what she observed even if it defied reason. She took the infant in her arms and went after security people dragging the struggling boy.

“Security wait!” She called over the baby’s wails. They stopped, as soon as she closed the distance the wails stopped. “I’m Doctor Mary Thomas, from pediatrics. I need to speak with this boy.”

“You’ll have to wait your turn Doctor Thomas. A lot of people want to.” One of the men said and started dragging Harry away, the wails resumed.

“No you wait,” She told them getting closer and the baby stopped. It was abrupt enough to make the security people notice.” “The health of one of my patients is at stake. I take precedence.” She glared at them menacingly.

“Ok Doctor Ask him what you want.”

“What’s your name?”

“Harry,” he said after thinking a bit. He did not want to give his last name. They might try to locate the Dursleys after all the stupid muggles still had legal custody. He really had to be very careful.

“Harry and your last name?”

“Just Harry,” he said

“Come on punk,” one of the men gave him a small shave, but he touched his injured shoulder. “Answer the doctor’s question.”

“Ouch! Careful with the shoulder,” he said through clenched teeth. “And it’s just Harry no last name.”

“He is not a suspect, is he?”

“No men”

“Then don’t treat him like a criminal,” She Doctor snapped at them. “Ok Harry, I think you noticed that when you’re close my patient calms down and as soon as you move away she starts crying,” he gave her a small nod. “Do you know why?”

“No doctor,”

“Why did you came see her, it seems you’re injured?”

“I promised her mother before she died that I would look for her until her father comes. “I… wanted to make sure she was fine. But… she isn’t is he?”

“She… wasn’t. She is weak from crying, needs to sleep and eat. Would you… would you mind being close to her for a while so we can feed her and let her sleep?”

“No doctor, I really don’t mind. Don’t know anything about the babies though,”

“Don’t worry boyo, the nurses or I will take care of that.” Now gentlemen lead the way.”

“This is highly irregular Doctor”

“I know, but if it helps my patient then I’ll do it.”

They went to Harry’s room to find who police officers there, they at first refused to have the Doctor there, but a demonstration and so me harsh comments from Doctor Thomas were enough to make them change their minds. There were two beds there one unoccupied and a phone while the officers began questioning Harry, she called for a cradle and since she was already carrying a bottle she began feeding the baby.

Harry refused to give this his last name, the name of his legal guardian, when he told them he had no parents since he was one. Or where they lived, which in fact he really didn’t know, the name of the school, only that it was in Scotland and they didn’t have a phone, actually nothing was near it.

He did give a detailed account of what happened even admitting that he owned an owl. That usually came and went; she was very tame, unless someone wanted to hurt him. Which the thug did, he was not aware until then that Hedwig had followed him to London , as she stayed in the school grounds where she could hunt mice and… things. He finished the story with finding out Ann Watkins was the girlfriend of one of his professors. Which had surprised him to no end, when he was questioned about him he said he really didn’t know much only that he thought chemistry (the closest thing he could come up to potions) and was very strict, and should be around 35 to 40 years old. He explained also about the thug backing up and tripping hitting his head against the wall. Hedwig had been making a racket. Probably the guy was on drugs or hit his head too hard; he was too small to toss a guy against the wall. Most of his answers satisfied the police men, but they just would not stop pressing him for his identity until he snapped.

“Look, I won’t tell you. Stop asking, they sent me a letter 2 days before term ended. They told me they moved and not to look for them. They didn’t want me back, but I couldn’t stay at school. I have some savings, so I just needed to find a place to stay until school started again next year I’ll be old enough to have my own place. But then this happened.”

“Look Harry, what you’re telling us is a crime they… can’t abandon their charge…”

“Well, they did. Doesn’t matter though, they hated me, and no they weren’t abusive, over the years” he lied once he saw one about to ask. An occasional beating for stealing food or any such thing, they mostly punished him by not feeding him, having lots of chares or staying in his room. “They just pretended I wasn’t there most of the time. If Hedwig finds me, I’ll send her to one of the professors at school; someone is bund to know what Professor Snape does with his summers.

“Sending the owl?”

“Ever heard about messenger doves?” Both police men nodded. “Well I trained Hedwig to do the same; she can always go back to the school.”

Finally the officers decided they had their answers and left. Doctor Thomas was still there surprised at how easily the baby had calmed, eaten and was sleeping just by being close to Harry. He really was a strange one, too small to be almost 15, a bit on the scrawny side, he was mostly soft spoken. He’d stammered, but he was definitely not afraid or intimidated by the police officers, he actually held his own. She didn’t believe him when he affirmed he was not abused; there were other kids of it besides physical. Her turn was almost over, and she’d spent a long time in there, she forgot the hospital’s chaplain had suggested they christened the baby-girl before she found a way to make her eat. And with no way of contacting the father who also didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant, according to what she told Harry, it was probably the best to name her.

It might take at least 2 months until the boy returned to school, by that time she was probably going to be in a children’s home.

“Harry, since we can’t get a hold of the baby’s father, and we really can’t keep calling her Jane Doe. Would you like to choose a name for her? She really seems to like you, and you also delivered her.”

“Name her? I’m not sure the professor is going to like that.”

“Do you think he’s going to recognize his paternity? He didn’t know, and from what her mother declared they weren’t married. If he doesn’t want his daughter, which is not unheard off, she’ll be sent to an orphanage. And it would be better if she already had a name.”

“An orphanage? No, you can’t do that to her!”

“Sometimes there’s no option.”

“The ‘greasy-git’ can’t be that evil not to want his own daughter.”

“Greasy-git?” Doctor Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Umm, yeah” Harry said looking a bit embarrassed.

“We can call him that, also ‘overgrown bat’ he always dresses in black, and in so pale.”

“Well, any way how about choosing a name,” “I can almost hear him sneer ‘Well Mr. Potter you managed to get yourself yet again, in things that do not concern you’,” he said in his best imitation of Snape.

“So your last name is Potter?” She said with a hint of amusement. He shot her a look of pure terror and the amusement. I want tell Harry, they did abuse you, didn’t they?”

“Not often, and not for some time. But he, my uncle, said he would kill me if I found them. He will you know? He’s very capable of doing that.”

“You should have told the police …”

“No, my… life is rather complicated. It’s better to leave it like this… Her mother’s name was Anne,” he changed the subject. “My mother’s name was Lily, and… he’s never said anything bad about her. My father he hated, they were year mates, but not my mother. So… how about Lily Anne Snape? What do you think?” He asked the baby sleeping in her crib.

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    Ok. 🙂 *dances around* i just had a thought about what name Harry might use. it would be interesting to see the dynamics if he called the baby Lily. imagine Snape’s reaction!

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