Unexpected Child – Original Draft (01)

This is the original draft of Unexpected Child. You’ll see that some parts have changed in those chapters I already posted to Fanfic-Zone.net, ff.net and other sites. Still I want to have this stored someplace else.
What I upload today is not all that I have of the original draft, there’s still a lot more plus the revisions to some scenes. This is just a preview of what I plan to do with the story.

Harry stood alone in platform 9, the students arriving from Hogwarts for summer break long gone. The headmaster insisted he would be safer at the Dursleys with the event of the Triwizard Tournament. He had gently but firmly refused to hear any objections he had, of course he would not really tell him the real reason for not going back.

He had received an owl from the Dursleys just two days ago. As incredible as it sounded, but he guessed that was the only way they could contact him, the letter was perfectly clear, under no circumstances was he to return. They had enough of his freakiness, they hated him. Vernon had written that they moved sometimes during the year. He was no to look for them, if he did, his uncle would see that he was permanently removed from the face of the earth. Harry didn’t doubt he was serious. The adult Dursleys had never been overly violent with him, but they had beaten him occasionally, Dudley always, but that was beside the point. He knew uncle Vernon would be true to his word.

The teen decided he could no day the whole break in king cross. The best for him would be to go to dragon alley to get money from his vault and find a place to stay, at least until he could formulate a good plan of action. He booked a locker where he left Hedwig’s cage, and his trunk, he only took some of his clothes and put them in his book bag. He checked to see if he had enough muggle money, he’d exchanged a bit in Gringotts subsidiary in Hogsmead, just in case, it seemed he’d made a good decision. He had £893.21 pounds. He guessed it was more that enough to get him a quick meal and transportation to the Leaky Cauldron.

For only an instant he regretted giving the twins his prize from the tournament, he might end needing it. But then he shook his head, no, he had enough in his vault. In fact, this might be a good opportunity to take a good look at his financial affairs; there was also more than money in his vault. He might as well take a look at those things too. With that in mind he left to take a taxi.

Harry was not exactly sure of the Leaky Cauldron’s exact location, but the general area was enough, he’d just walk around see if he spotted a wizard or witch and follow them. For being a Sunday that area of London was rather quiet with few people around. Feeling slightly hungry he entered a fast food restaurant ordered a regular hamburger combo and sat at a window seat to eat it. With luck he’ll spot some magic people. Two seats from his right also watching the window intently, was a very pretty blonde woman. Being a healthy developing teenager Harry stole several looks in her direction, she seemed a bit worried and deep in thought. There was also something about the woman that made his senses tingle, a familiar feeling and yet he could not pin what it was, although he was sure he should.

The blonde was a muggle, that much he could tell as he couldn’t feel magic, at least nothing specific coming from her. She finished eating and stood up. It was then that Harry noticed she was very pregnant. Oh well, it wasn’t as if he was going to hit a woman that was at least 30, no matter how pretty. As he passed him Harry noticed she had the bluest eyes he’d seen. Her husband was a lucky guy. He resumed his window gazing for a little while longer, until he decided it would be better keep moving it was almost dark. In the worst case he could always hail the knight bus.

As he walked out of the restaurant and turn to his right to walk down the street he heard a small gasp, things falling and an angry voice, then a woman’s muffled voice. To his right was a small dark alley, the woman sounded pleading and he could hear the sounds of struggle. Without stopping to think what he could do, he went in. A thug was threatening the pretty blonde with VERY big knife. The woman was crying and holding her belly.

“Leave her alone!” Harry shouted without really stopping to think what he would do. At least he distracted the man.

“Mind your business brat. Go find your own”

The thug said after giving a good look at his clothes.

“I said leave her alone!”

“What you gonna do huh?”

`Good point what am I going to do? I can’t use magic, and he’s a lot bigger than I am.´

He turned to face the woman, she was pleading for help, and he couldn’t leave her. That man might kill her if he left even to look for a policeman. So he did the first thing that came to his mind, not his brightest idea, but the thug wasn’t expecting it either. He tackled him and succeeded in tumbling the both in the ground.

“Run!” he managed to say as he was falling. Using his quidditch reflexes and years of experience avoiding being beating by Dudley and croonies. Harry was up in an instant the woman was moving slowly and awkwardly to the street. The thug was up and after her. Harry tackled they guys legs, and clanged like a leech. The man got angry, he tried to stab him and Hedwig swooped at him claws extended, he tried to protect himself but the snowy owl made some damage. The guy managed to dislodge Harry and plant a strong quick to his ribs, , could almost swear he heard one crack. It sure hurt like it broke. The man scrambled to his feet, managed to knife Harry on the shoulder despite Hedwig’s attempts, and launched himself at the woman who was hunched and in apparent pain.

“EXPELLIARMUS!” Harry shouted almost instinctively. He had done wandless magic before, in anger, this time was in fear. The knife flew off the man’s hand and he was projected against a wall with enough force to knock him unconscious.

He was in dept shit, the ministry people was sure going to make an appearance. Magic and in front of muggles, but maybe they’d understand the guy was going to kill her; he couldn’t let him do that. With an effort he managed to get to his feet and move close to her, she’d just moaned and clutched her stomach at the time it… jerked? That didn’t look good.

“Are you all right?”

“Don’t think so own” She responded panting and groaning in pain. “My baby is coming…”

‘Oh God! This isn’t good, not good at all, where the hell are ministry people when you need them? They should already be here!’

“I better get some help…’ he said starting to up.”

“No time, too close. You’re going to have…”

“Oh Merlin, but… I… don’t… I don’t know…”

“I’ll tell you… I’ll do all the… work…took…a ‘Lamar’s course’ (I think this is the course pregnant women take to prepare for a natural birth. In Spanish it has a completely different name and I can’t find a translation)… allergic to… pain killers and… anesthetic. “I’m… Ann… Watkins…”

“Harry… Harry Potter, Ann.”

“You’re a… wizard Harry?”

“Yes… how did you…?”

“My baby’s father… is a wizard…”

Ann was right there was no time; the baby was born with the help of one very shocked teenager, who just managed to keep from fainting because of sheer will power. Ann’s cries called the attention of some passerby who called for an ambulance and the police. The baby seemed ok and had protested loudly her entrance to the world. It was a girl, Harry could feel she was a witch, and she seemed ok, he bundled her in one of his huge t-shirts. But her mother wasn’t ok, Ann didn’t look all that good and Harry wished for the help to arrive.

“Harry, my baby’s father didn’t know I was pregnant when he left,” She told him tiredly.

“He had to, said thing were becoming dangerous again. Especially so for muggles, he…said once things got solved he… would come… back so we… could marry… find him please… tell him he has a daughter…”

“You can tell him Ann, listen the ambulance is close. I’ll owl him and tell him where you both…”

“Don’t think so, he… stabbed me twice… too much blood… keep… an eye on my baby until… he comes? I think he… knows you.”

“Of course I will, I helped her be born, who’s he…”

“Severus… Severus Snape… tell… tell him I’ll always love him and to take care of our daughter for me,” she said and was silent the ambulance arrived, she remained conscious long enough to tell them who she was, and her baby’s father name and that she had no immediate family. She then fell into unconsciousness.

They worked on her trying to stabilize her, but it was no use she died Harry could only watch strangely detached what happened and clutched the little new born girl to him. He had not been able to save her mother but he promised to look for her and that was what he intended to as he held her close. People were talking to him, trying to take the baby away. He fought them; he had to tell Professor Snape. That man was probably going to kill him when he found out he had not been able to save his girlfriend. He hadn’t been able to save Cedric either. Something pricked his arm, as hands held him still, after a moment he felt dizzy and everything went black.

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    Wow! 😀 Still awesome. I can note the changes. Ah I love this story so much.

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