Unexpected Child Chapter 3 (draft) Incomplete

Jan, this is only a tidbit of what chapter three is going to be. I’m waiting for the rest to be typed, and should have a tentative chapter by the weekend.

Unexpected Child

A Harry Potter Fanfiction

By animealam

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my computer and my car. So, no, Harry Potter and Co. are not mine.

Author’s note :


                THIS IS AN AU STORY (AU=Alternate Universe), even though I try to follow the original novels as close as I can.

                Not a native English speaker writing.

                Characters might be Out Of Character (OOC)

                There might be spoilers for all four books.




        Finally the officers decided they had all the answers they could get out of the boy . The coincidences where disturbing and both constables did feel there were things Harold James was keeping from them ; a lthough Richards had the hunch they really were not relevant to their case. As it was, he believed they had enough to finally build a strong case against Elliot Allen. Harold’s testimony would be vital in getting a conviction; it was just a matter of confirming the boy’s identity.

        They left , not without informing the boy that they would be keeping watch on him , and expecting to talk with Professor Snape as soon as he made an appearance. Harry did not like the idea of them taking to his potions Professor, but it seemed that he would not have a say in the matter and worried if Snape would agree to talk to the constables.

        After the men left, Doctor Thomas and Harry remained in thoughtful silence for a while. She was surprised at how easily the baby had calmed, eaten and was now sleeping just by being close to the scrawny teen ; and she still had no clue as to why that was happening, but it did make some strange sense. They boy , after all , had pointed out that weird things happened to him, this completely qualified as such a situation. Also to be truthful to herself , it was not the first time in her medical career that she encountered something similar, though it was no common occurrence either.

        Mary Thomas observed the boy surreptitiously as he seemed deep in thought. Harry really was a strange one, too small to be almost fifteen, but with eyes that belied that young age. The teen had admitted to some abuse from his legal guardians, so it was not difficult to believe that he was probably neglected and malnourished since he was a little child. It would explain why he was so small. She would have to run some test to confirm her suspicions and see what could be done , if anything, to help him grow a bit more.

        Doctor Thomas knew children from boarding schools were well fed and it was no easy task to be admitted into one. D epending on the school , some children had been in the admittance list from the moment they were born and in some extreme cases even before that. Something about the school bothered her, why had no one noticed the boy was being abused. Someone should have found out at some point or another and the teen removed from the care of his relatives. But it seemed that no one had .

        Harry had at times had the look in his eyes of someone older, much older, which had seen quite a lot in life and not all of it good . Usually those eyes were more common on street children, those that had to raise themselves and survive alone . But it was slightly at odds with someone who attended a boarding school. She had to concede that it might have something to do with the abuse he had suffered at his legal guardians’ hands, and the fact that when he asked for help it was not forthcoming.

        The small teen was mostly soft spoken. He had stammered, and at first he seemed definitely afraid and intimidated by the Anderson . But once Roberts took charge of the questioning he actually held his own. She suspected that the portly Inspector reminded him of someone, perhaps even his guardian. Mary sighed it was hard for her to deal with cases like Harry’s where se really could not do much to help heal the child’s emotional problems. She could only heal their physical wounds and hope they would get the help they needed once they left the hospital.

        Her turn was almost over, and she had spent a long time in Harry’s room. At least there had not been any emergencies that called her away during the questioning. She would have hated leaving the teen on his own with a man like Anderson . With all that she had to think about, the Doctor forgot the hospital’s chaplain had suggested they christened the baby girl . He was worried that her condition might worsen if they did not find a way to make her eat. They also had no previous knowledge of the father’s identity. So he wanted to follow the hospital’s standard procedure and give the infant a name before she was shipped to an orphanage.

        Now they knew who the second parent was, but it was no certainty that he would recognize the child as his own. According to what Miss Watkins told Harry, the man had not been aware of his girlfriend’s pregnancy . In any case the little baby girl was probably going to be in a children’s home , at least for a while . With that in mind she decided to ask the boy to suggest a name, they normally chose the name of the one to deliver the orphaned baby, or let this person choose a name for the infant anyway.

“Harry, since we can’t get a hold of the baby’s father, and we really can’t keep calling her Jane Doe. Would you like to choose a name for her? She really seems to like you, and you also delivered her.”

“Name her? ” He was surprised and actually pleased to be asked. The only one he had ever named was Hedwig. But he worried about what Snape would do when he found out a Potter had named his child, it was probably not going to be good. “ I’m not sure the Professor is going to like that.”

“Do you think he’s going to recognize the baby as his child ? This man didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant , and from what her mother declared they weren’t married. If he doesn’t want his daughter, which is not unheard off, she’ll be sent to an orphanage. I t would be better if she already had a name.” She explained softly, and was surprised when he exclaimed alarmed.

“An orphanage? No, you can’t do that to her!”

“Sometimes there is no option.” Mary’s voice was soft and a bit resigned, she did not like the idea of sending little ones to orphanages, but she knew that was the only option the infants had sometimes.

“The ‘greasy git’ can’t be that evil as to not want his own daughter!” He just could not believe the snarky man would reject his offspring . Anne had been sure he would take care of her.

“Greasy git?” Doctor Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Umm, yeah,” Harry said looking a bit embarrassed. “We call him that, also ‘overgrown bat’ he always dresses in black, and is so pale. It doesn’t help that he seems to love the school’s dark dungeons and you rarely see him outside in the sunlight. Although we know he’s not a vampire because he has refereed some q… games. ”

“Harry vampires are not real,” she chuckled.

“I know,” although he knew that in the magical world they indeed existed and as he had said, Snape was always present at the quidditch games. So it was also true that he was not a vampire no matter how much he resembled one. “But that doesn’t convince my dorm mates that he isn’t.”

“Well, anyway how about choosing a name?” Mary asked again.

“If you really think I should…”

“You should, if you don’t, some other member of the staff is going to do so. Or the paramedics that were there will. You at least know her father and you can guess what name he might like.”

“Sure, like it’s easy to know what he thinks. I can almost hear him sneer ‘Well Mr. Potter, you managed to get yourself -yet again- in things that do not concern you.’” He said in his best imitation of Snape , which was actually pretty good considering that he had trouble reproducing the man’s deep baritone .

“So your last name is Potter?” She said with a hint of amusement. He shot her a look of pure terror and the amusement died.

“Please don’t tell them! He said he’ll kill me if I return, and he will you know? He will kill me if he sees me again!” He pleaded, his voice reflecting the fear and his belief that his uncle’s threats.

“Calm down Harry, calm down. I won’t tell for the moment , but you will have to in the end; and if this Professor comes then the police are going to find out who you are.”

“They will, but… but I’m hoping the Professor won’t be sending me back to them; if he can find them that is.”

“You keep saying that they moved. Surely it won’t be that hard to find them, and they will have to. I’m positive constable Richardson wants to press charges against your guardians.”

“What good with that do? It’s my word against theirs, and they made sure the neighbors and anyone that ever saw I lived with them, believed I was a criminal and attended a school for criminal boys. If they find them I will end back living with them and my Uncle is finally going to kill me like he wanted to.”

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  1. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 12, 2005 at 9:38 pm |

    oh poor Harry! Poor poor boy. ;_;

    I can just feel the fear and terror radiatig off of him. The Snape-impression he did was really amusing as well of the thought of a Potter naming Snape’s offspring. That’s great.

    This is such a wonderful plot. I love it! I adore it! You have done such a wonderful backstory so far and you manage to have the tension rising. Skill!

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