Second Chance (Chapter 5) Unfinished

Second Chance
Harry Potter Fanfiction

By Animealam

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters created by J.K. Rowling. I do like to borrow them for time to time to star in the little plots that run through my mind.

Author’s Note:

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– I don’t believe I can call this completely AU (Alternate Universe) since it deals with Harry’s sixth year, and well the book has not been out yet. Still, I think it’s very unlikely JK Rowling would use this kind of plot for her next installment of Harry Potter.

– Not a native English speaker writing.

– Characters might be Out Of Character (OOC) actually, Severus will be (obviously since he’ll be a baby

– There will be spoilers for all five books.

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Chapter 5

They went upstairs to his shabby little room. Harry was happy that at least he had decided to keep it as ordered
style=’color:navy’> as possible
, although he was usually too tired at night to actually ‘do’ more than
style=’color:navy’>pick his clothes from the floor
style=’color:green’>It would be too embarrassing to let the Headmaster see it looking like the pigsty Dudley’s usually did.
As they went up, Harry noticed the baby was curious about the pictures on the walls, so he let him watch them more closely without letting him touch, his aunt would kill him if the frames got dirty with baby drool. It was that distraction that kept him from noticing the Headmaster’s scowl
style=’color:navy’>, at seeing the padlocks on his door, and then when he finally saw the inside of the room

“This wont do,” Albus muttered when he got a good look of the child’s bedroom. He was glad he had brought some things he has planned to give Harry before his birthday.

The powerful wizard worked casting spell after spell in deep concentration. At some points he asked the Auror to cast one spell or other, but Harry did not catch them. Both youngsters watched for a while the pretty display that came out of the Headmaster’s wand, but even though Severus was skinny and light, after a while he became heavy to tired arms.

Harry sat with him on his lap; the older boy didn’t exactly know how to play,
style=’color:navy’>he had never been allowed to play when he was a child and the only games that he actually knew were for older boys. Still,
he managed something with the rattle until the baby cuddled for a light doze which Harry found contagious. He had really slept little since he arrived from Hogwarts, and was tired from the hard work
style=’color:navy’>the Dursleys had him do
. Both of them woke just as Dumbledore and Mad-Eye came out of the room and the first b
casting some strong wards
style=’color:navy’>on the door
, both boys were fascinated as they could see the colorful and tightly woven glittering threads of magic.

“They are lovely aren’t they Professor?” Harry commented softly to the baby. Severus gurgled busy trying to grab them. “But you can’t touch them, see?” He tried to grab and electric blue thread and his hand as well as the baby’s went through. Severus began pouting and whimpering, but oddly enough he didn’t cry. “Shhh… Professor, look here.” Harry was sure that if Snape started crying, he would not hear the end of it from his aunt; his uncle must have already left for work. He waved the rattle in front of the infant and the Potions Master’s attention turned to it.

“You can see the wards?” Mad-Eye asked surprised when he heard the boy, and then frowned.

“We both do, shouldn’t we?” Harry asked curious. He had never seen any kind of wards before, and he thought the Headmaster was letting them see on purpose.

“No my boy, neither of you should have. Hand me Severus and take a look outside,” Albus said as he pointed to the window. “I’ll like to know if you can see the wards outside.”

“All right Sir,” he handed a reluctant Severus to him. It was odd that the baby version of the feared Potions Master seemed to like and was comfortable with him. “But this is the first time I ever seen a ward.” Harry peered outside and saw nothing, he told them so.

“Think about the wards and look again child,” Albus suggested.

It seemed that Harry was finally coming into his own magic. According to the Prophesy, the boy was Tom Riddle’s equal, and Riddle had been extremely powerful even as an eleven year old. Harry was a strong wizard, but had never shown even half of the potential Tom Riddle had at the same age. If he was finally able to tap into that full reservoir of magical power he was sure they finally would have the leverage to beat Lord Voldemort.

“Wow! I can see them,” his voice was full of awe at the magnificent display outside Privet Drive. “They are soooo many and sooo pretty…” he then frowned as he saw that there were a few threads of a grayish color that ever so slowly were spreading.

“Something wrong my boy?”

“I’m not sure Sir, there are some… odd threads, I guess you could call them, that are spreading but… I get the feeling they shouldn’t.” The old wizard moved to the window. “Can you see wards? Those odd ones over there.” He pointed at them. Dumbledore frowned, they were slowly eroding the other wards and Severus began trembling in fear and crying softy. They were very Dark Magic, and he didn’t like what it meant for such a young child to recognize and fear it. “Hold Severus my boy, soothe him if you can.”

“Something wrong Albus?” Mad-Eye was by the window, his magical eye twirling at incredible speed as he scanned the protection outside the house. “Those are the original blood protection wards!” He exclaimed a bit alarmed. He did not know of any spell or curse that could attack those.

“Yes, I… I don’t  understand how Petunia Dursley could hate so much as to attract that spell. It’s been there since last year. Voldemort probably cast it to seek Harry and destroy his protection when he escaped at the Tournament.”

“Does that mean he knows where I live?”

“No child. That spell won’t report to him, but it will weaken the wards until he can use a tracking spell to find you easily. I have to give him credit for correctly assuming that your relatives did not love you. That particular spell feeds on hate and unless she has a sudden change of heart there is no way to stop it.” He explained thoughtfully. His eyes roaming the hallway.

“Well, I’m no longer safe here, am I? So… what am I going to do now?”

“That spell is working slowly, so we still have some time to think of something. The spell will speed up a bit since I’m sure Mrs. Dursley is not happy right now with the recent changes. I’m a bit surprised that Severus could see the wards, though. Few witches or wizards can. Only those really powerful have been known to have this… ‘Sight’. In your case it means you’re gaining magical strength which is very good. I was hoping it happened sooner rather than later. But in Severus case… well it’s an unexpected surprise. He was a powerful wizard on his own accord as an adult, though not strong enough to see wards.”

“Maybe he fooled yow. He’s a Slytherin after all.”

“He didn’t. I always knew he had a lot of potential, but it didn’t make sense that he couldn’t tap into it. It was as if something stopped him. Too know I’ve always been able to sense magical potential, and his was always subdued.”

“Maybe he blocked it as a child or something,” Harry suggested and Moody scowled at the idea though it was quite possible.

“Umm…you might be right Harry. Severus childhood was for from pleasant something or things might have happened to make him block it.” At this flashes from that time Harry entered his Professor’s mind during occlumency came to mind. From those images alone he could guess it was much worse than his own, so he nodded in agreement. “We’ll talk about that later my boy. Right now…” he trailed off as his eyes settled on an old photograph on the wall. There was a young woman who looked like Lily Evans during her first year. But he could see that despite the resemblance she was not Lily. There was also a man in his mid thirties and another young woman about the same age as the Lily look alike. Albus knew her and the man well. “Harry,” he said in a bit of shock.

“Yes sir?”

“Do you know who these people are?” He tapped the photograph with his wand lightly.

“Umm… I’m not completely sure Sir. I know she’s my grandmother. Mum’s and aunt Petunia’s mother. She keeps this photograph here, actually it’s the only one on display of her. There’s something related to some scandal or something. I believe the man is Great grandfather, but… she never speaks of him and I don’t know who she is, though she looks Familiar and I haven’t been able to place where I’ve seen her.”

“You never saw her Harry. She was killed about thirty yeans ago. The one you know is her son. Her name was Laura Drake; actually she was Lady Laura Drake; a very powerful muggle born witch. The man’s her father, the Earl of Drake. He’s a very influential muggle who happens to be the main partner of Gringotts Goblins in their muggle enterprises. The Earls of Drake have been involved with magic for centuries.”

“Wow! But who’s her son? I… well if she was killed thirty years ago he isn’t a classmate,”

“No,” Albus chuckled.” He was your Professor and you’re carrying him now.”

“She’s Snape’s mother? But…how come she’s with my grandmother?”

“That, we’re going to ask your aunt. But first lest see your new rooms, shall we?”

“Rooms Sir? But…it was only a closet sized one.”

“But it’s no longer like that my boy. Before we go in, tap your wand in the middle of the door three times and tell it a password. This will keep your relatives out, as well as any unwanted guest.”

“Ok,” he stood before the door looking thoughtful before he pulled his wand out of his oversized jeans. He tapped three times and said softly. “Slytherin Snape.”

“Slytherins Snape? What kind of a password is that?” Mad Eye barked a bit shocked.

“One that NO ONE would believe I, a Gryffindor, would ever use.  Everyone thinks I hate the Professor and all Slytherins, which isn’t really true. What do you think Professor?” He asked the baby, who gurgled.” See? He approves, and that’s a first in life.” Albus chuckled at that, it seemed Harry was actually liking the infant version of Severus.

“Well thought Harry, I do think that no one would believe you capable of using that password. Now open the door.”

Harry did expecting a bigger version of his old room, with perhaps an annex for the baby and a bathroom. Instead he found a whole house, not quite furnished yet but quite large. The door opened to a well-lit entrance hall, with huge wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows at the back. On the other side of the windows he could see a big garden and beyond what appeared to be a regulation sized guided itch pitch. The-boy-who-lived could only gape. He noticed through the windows that the house was really big; two storied and U shaped the Hall being in the middle of the central part. Twin staircases went up from both sides of the hall. There were two big glass doors on each side leading to other parts of the house. At the Headmaster encouraging nod Harry went through the door to his right. He found the living and dinning rooms. There were stairs going down at the end of that hallway. He followed them and found the kitchen with a small dinning table. Storage rooms, what appeared to be house-elves quarters, a potions workroom, and a magic training room. There were stairs going up and he came on the other side were a huge library was, still mostly empty, a nice office/workroom and a sunny sitting room.

He then went up one of the staircases; there were three rooms there –

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    XD @ Severus being distracted with a rattle. That’s great. I loved how Harry feel asleep with baby Snape in his arms.

    I’ma little bit iffy with the house in Harry’s rooms. I normally don’t like such displays of magic- making lots of space in such a little room. haha it hurts my scientific brain. XD

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