The Hidden Life of Steve Rogers

Everyone assumes what they see of Captain America, is all there is of Steve Rogers. A man from the past who is transparent and incapable of telling a lie. But there has always been more to Steve than met the eye.

It was not that Steve could not lie, because he actually could if he truly needed it to protect those he cared about, or get himself a semblance of a private life. The ‘thing’ was, he did not like to tell untruths. Lying rubbed him the wrong way, and it always had, so as a rule he avoided lying. It was always much easier to let people assume what they will, not talk about his personal life, be evasive, or ‘innocently’ draw attention to something else.

Unfortunately SHIELD has been compromised from its very beginning, and some people inside have wanted Captain America out of the agency, without making him a martyr.

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