Snape's Child

Summary: Based on the Challenge at Potions and Snitches Archive:
Hidden as Snape’s Daughter by carvell
Summary: Dumbledore never makes it to Harry’s trial (summer of 5th year) and Harry is sentenced to Azkaban to be kissed. Snape rescues him and Harry is hidden in plain sight, as Snape’s daughter; he ends up in Slytherin. Only Snape knows who he really is, the rest of the world thinks he’s dead from the Dementor’s kiss. No romance whatsoever.
Author’s Note: I’m basing this story on the challenge, although I’m not following it completely. Harry will be much younger. I wanted to try my luck at adding two other characters that are usually minor and last but not least there will eventually be some romance, although not for a while, and not for Harry. She is too young for that.

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