Here you will find links to my other sites and things related to fanfiction. Mostly archives and the stories themselves. I mostly read fics where Severus mentors/adopts/is father/is friend/is guardian of Harry, and Snarry (Snape/Harry Slash). But that does not mean it is the only thing I read. I also like Harry/Hermione, Severus/Hermione, Harry/OC, and Severus/OC. There have been some Harry/Draco too, but I also like Harry Centric, or Severus Centric fics.

I usually avoid reading anything with the Harry/Ginny pairing (I really detest that), but I’ve made an exception for some stories that managed to capture my interest despite the pairing. There are not many.

Alandrem.Net is where I post anything that comes to mind, but nothing related to fanfiction. I have rants and links to websites that I visit, and I might add some tutorials or notes on things. There won’t be anything related to fanfiction here.

My LiveJournal is Animealam, and here I have a sort of backup from both my blogs. So everything I post there will end here. This is just as backup, but also to keep the account alive.

Fanfic-Zone.Net was originally my multi-fandom fanfiction archive. But it has finally died. I have to admit that I neglected the site, so spammers and hackers attacked it. There was nothing I could do to save it. In its place I’m starting a site for listing Harry Potter fanfictions. I got the idea after constantly visiting painless_j Thematic Lists site, and the Fiction Alley thread of I’m looking for… At the moment it will be mostly focused on stories with Harry and Severus as the main characters, but hopefully I will add more. The site is still under construction, but I have over 1000 stories in my C2: The Vault, plus all the stories pending at jan_AQ’s List of Harry and Severus fanfiction. It is a monumental work but it will be done.

Animealam is my Delicious account. Here I keep track of all the interesting sites and things that I find on the net. It has also become a way to keep track of the fanfiction that I read or want to read. Thanks to the tags I am also able to add much more information to the links. I have been able to classify them, although I’m not finishing with everything yet. It’s still a massive undertaking since just for Harry Potter there are over 1000 fics that I’ve read. Never mind the lot of links to tutorials and things that are also there.

Thematic Lists began as a test site. I am trying to update and check all the fanfiction links at Jan AQ’s site (Not the Potions and Snitches Archive). So far I believe it is working, and I’ll soon I’ll install WordPress for that site. As for me I’m working on  having a list of all the fanfiction I’ ve read categorized and tagged. This probably won’t be the finished name of the site, and there are some stories already there, but not all by far. It will contain links to both slash, het, and gen fics. The slash is mostly Snarry, but there might be some others pairings.

Black Dragon on the Rocks (Animealam’s other name) Is my account on InsaneJournal. I opened this account mostly to keep track of the Snarry some authors post there, as they are no longer posting the story content at LiveJournal. To keep the account active I’m posting her the Snarry Fanfiction I’ve read. This list contains stories that are mostly R, hard R, or NC-17. There are only a few stories there so far, but I’m going through my favorites at HP Fandom, Ink Stained Fingers, Skyehawke, and some that still are at Fanfiction.Net. There are some at author’s sites that I’l also add.

I also have some C2 Communities.

The Vault is the one I update the most. It is Harry Potter oriented, and has all the Harry Potter fanfiction that I have read regardless of if it’s good or not. It’s originally a way to keep track of what I’m reading, since I really do read quite a bit. Unfortunately I can’t add

Animealam’s and Alandrem’s favorites. I have not updated this one in a while, but there are now quite a number of fics that should be added, so it’ll be having a major update sometime soon.

Completed Severitus, Mentors, Adoptions, Apprentices, Frienships: I have updated this one a bit more often than the favorites, but it also is going to be getting a major update. There are a number of new fics that have been completed that need to be added. As I really make sure they are completed it takes a bit longer to update.

Completed Harry Potter Fics I’ve read. The name says it all. The fics are complete. No ongoing stuff here, and I’ve read them all. This does not necessarily mean they are all good though. I’m using Delicious to keep track of the good ones (those that IMHO are good). Search for the ***** I’ll add a link to the exact search later.

These are other interesting links:

Fanfiction Archives.

My top rated Harry Potter stories

My Delicious Tag Cloud

Recommended C2 (Fanfiction.Net Communities that I frequent)

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