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  1. anonymous
    anonymous March 2, 2006 at 3:39 pm |

    Hi there! I’ve just started reading your stories and I love Apprentice but it seems like you’re not updating it anymore? Do you have plans to continue with the story? Please?

  2. animealam
    animealam March 4, 2006 at 7:52 pm |

    I’m glad you like my stories, and I do plan on finishing it. It’s just that the muses seem to have gone on vacation for some reason.
    I actually have around 400 pages between ideas and drafts of chapters waiting for me to type them and start writing the story again. The big problem was the last chapter I wrote. I caused havoc with the plot line and I don’t now how to tie everything back neatly.
    I’m also been assaulted by a large amount of plot bunnies, like this one so going back to my first stories is proving difficult.

  3. white_sin
    white_sin October 8, 2007 at 6:02 am |

    Hi animealam
    I hope you continue this fic one day. Its really a nice story.

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