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  1. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 12, 2005 at 9:25 am |

    “Since both Harry and Dudley were only children the whole fund would be at their disposal when they turned fifteen.” Wouldn’t it be sixteen?

    “The idea was good and it gave the young wizard the freedom…” and it would give

    “…not dwelled on his grief over Sirius death and the Department of Mysteries.” Sirius’ “…He had been to busy,” too

    “…placing the little child on the fluffy bath rug and go on…” got on

    “For not continuing his occlumency lessons, even when everyone was telling him that he should.” I think that ‘Occlumency’ should be capitalized.

    “Even facing his mistakes a part of h, in wanted…” him

    “Arien finished her bottle and began cooing and gurgling, her little noises brought her new rather out of his reverie.” ? father?

    “As soon as Arien burped twice and no milk came back…” came out?

    Awesome chapter. Oh no! It’s a letter from the DIUM!!!! The DIUM of death! XD okay maybe not but still- that would be really harsh if he got expelled. Poor Harry.

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