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  1. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 12, 2005 at 6:46 am |

    “Potions Master finally decided to risk a cauterizing spell, the boy was already weak from the beating” bleeding

    “There was also no reason to use such an obscure recipe of which you ignore the side effects?” the question mark is odd.

    “Potter had been a mess, so thorn that he worried the scar tissue…” torn

    “James Potter had been smallish before he hit his growth spurt in fifth year, and ended only slightly shorter than he was, and he was 6’ 6”, so James had to be somewhere around 6’ 3” or 6’ 4” and Lily had been around 6 feet too. From the looks of Harry he was currently under 5’ 4” and so very thin.” If these are really their heights then they are very very tall. Snape should be no more than 6 feet tall- maybe even 5 foot 11 because it is never stated in canon that Snape is tall; Albus is tall, Snape is not. James Potter should be around 5ft 8 minimun to 6 foot one inch maximum. Lily should be 5 foot 4-8. 5 ft 8 is tall for a woman/girl.

    “I rather recount this only once, and Poppy needs to hear this.” I’d rather

    I like this story so far. Nice.

  2. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 12, 2005 at 6:47 am |

    I love when Severus cleaned Harry up carefully, how he kept telling him that it wasn;t his fault. That was great. :*)

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