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  1. jan_aq
    jan_aq January 12, 2005 at 5:01 am |

    “In a way this practice served to keep the fortune of pure blooded families in the hands of pure bloods.” It was a way to keep the fortune of pure bloods in the hands of pure bloods. (got rid of ‘In a way’)

    “In the vault that had belonged to his grandparents Harry found a beautiful set of wedding bands. He also found a note in the box they were stored, according to it.” ?

    “He would need to keep occupied once Naiya was gone if he wanted to be there for his children.” ?

    “He even offered Harry to help him brew..” He even offered to help Harry brew…

    “engraved them with their names and ask Filius Flitwick..” asked

    “taking care of the twins who seemed to sense that something was wrong and were restless and fuzzing..” fussing.

    Interesting story premise! I’d like to see what happens next- how Harry will be consoled with his grief and Severus perhaps helping him and helping to take care of him and the twins. 🙂

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