Challenge: Hidden as Snape’s Daughter by carvell

Summary: Dumbledore never makes it to Harry’s trial (summer of 5th year) and Harry is sentenced to Azkaban to be kissed. Snape rescues him and Harry is hidden in plain sight, as Snape’s daughter; he ends up in Slytherin. Only Snape knows who he really is, the rest of the world thinks he’s dead from the Dementor’s kiss. No romance whatsoever.
Categories: Guardian
Characters: !Snape and Harry (required)

This is a challenge that caught my attention a while ago. I have already started it, and although what I have written so far might not fit the challenge entirely, I hope it will still be interesting enough. It has no name yet except for its serial. HP – SB – Untitled 079. I’m currently typing what I have written by hand and will be posting the revisions as soon as I have them on the computer. They will be drafts.
At the moment I believe I have about three chapters worth, but won’t post a final version until I have at least half of the story typed and the end drafted. I have left all of my fics on hold because of my muses leaving, and I rather not to that again.

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  1. jazzy2may2
    jazzy2may2 January 26, 2011 at 8:05 pm |

    I would love to read “Hidden as Snapes Daughter”
    but I can’t seem to find that story or it’s link here on your page.

  2. jazzy2may
    jazzy2may January 27, 2011 at 12:34 am |

    would love to read this story! it looks so cool!

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