Unexpected Child – Original Draft (05)

Here is another part of the original draft. I finally have it all and I can say I’m surprised there were 82 handwritten pages, and in the end they became only 38 letter sized pages in word.
There have been some changes since I first wrote this draft, but for the main part it still applies as a guide as to where I wanted to go with the story. I hope to upload the rest by tomorrow in the afternoon/evening.

With that said, they recounted the last 10 days between Albus, Minerva and Poppy. Harry had taken to heart his promise, and cared for the baby mostly on his own. The boy barely spoke to anyone but little Anne or him; that really surprised Severus. He would sit for hours with the girl on his arms by his bed and… talk. He told her tales of his adventures with Ron, Hermione and occasionally the twins. About potions classes, Neville blowing up or melting cauldrons, and the times the Professor saved his life.

They told him Harry felt responsible for what happened to Anne on top of Cedric’s death. They had not had the foresight to realize the boy would feel that way. Also, even if he did not love his relatives, being ‘abandoned’ by ‘them’ and having no one to turn to affected him more than Harry was willing to admit. Albus was feeling really bad about that, he failed the boy by not listening. Add to that the child was having visions of Voldemort.

In all, Harry refused to sleep because of the nightmares his ‘problems’ brought. Poppy had put a sleeping draught in his food when she first noticed he was not sleeping. The next day he was so angry he blasted all the windows, locked Poppy out of the infirmary for 5 hours, and did not eat for 2 days. The strange thing was the Ministry did not register that use of magic just as it did not register the wandless ‘expelliarmus’ .

“No wonder he was so close to breaking down, in fact I’m surprised he didn’t sooner. Potter is an emotional wreck at the moment,” Severus commented. He actually felt bad for the brat. He probably would keep feeling, and being sensitive until he could rebuild his walls. But it was proving so hard, there… was not even rubble left.

“He held on with all he had because of your daughter…”

“My… daughter,” he muttered as that fact finally sunk in. He had a child. What was he going to do about it? He… was a loner , and had no knowledge of how to deal with an infant. She was half muggle/half wizard and Voldemort was active again, she… what he had left of his Anne was at risk. He would not be able to keep his spying, not if the Dark Lord found out about the mother of his child. “I… Voldemort…”

“You can’t go back child, you already missed three calls. Lucius came to pay you a visit; we hid Harry and little Anne. We told him nothing but… they would use veritasserum and torture to find out.”

“But… I can’t keep her, she’ll be at risk with me and… I… don’t know anything about raising a child!” He sounded panicky.

“You learn to be a parent as you go Severus, no one really takes a course on it,” Minerva told him.

“I just… I just don’t think I can… not without… Anne,”

“She needs you Severus, and… I think you need her too,”

“I don’t know Albus…”

“Think about it, keep her with you for a while today, If… if you choose to give her up, we’ll just make the arrangements for Harry to keep her.”

“WHAT?” At his exclamation, little Anne woke up and began whimpering. At Minerva’s suggestion he rocked her slowly, whispered softly, and allowed his magic to ‘caress’ his daughter. She fell asleep in no time. “What do you mean Albus?”

“He’s her godfather, and even if he’s underage. He will be allowed to keep her.”

“But… he’s a child himself! You saw how he was!”

“Yes, it’s a huge responsibility Severus. But he made it clear, if you didn’t want her…”

“It’s not that… I… do want… her. I just don’t think I can have her.”

“Well, the end result is the same. He won’t let her go an orphanage, he is an orphan; and he’s been unwanted. He won’t let her grow up like that. Harry would not let any child go through life like that if he could. He can’t except for Lily Anne. If it’s a problem he said he’d leave Hogwarts. Though I hope it doesn’t come to that, he is safer here.”

“Stubborn Gryffindor,” Severus muttered angrily. “The brat doesn’t leave me a choice, does he?”

“You do have a choice Sir,” Harry said moving closer and standing at the foot of the bed. He still looked exhausted, but not as close to mental collapse as he had been.

“She’s not safe with me Potter, what makes you think my daughter will be safe with you?” He snapped at the boy. His words were like a physical blow and Harry reeled, needing to grab the foot of the bed for support. The boy went as white as a sheet, his green eyes filled with despair and anguish.

“Yes… you’re right Professor,” he choked, took a deep breath and went on in an ironic tone of voice. “How foolish of me Sir ! I forgot that people around me die like flies. I’m sorry for assuming I could keep anyone safe…” With that he squared his scrawny shoulders and made his way stiffly to the door. Severus knew he had probably mortally wounded the boy. Guilt was already killing him, Potter just needed a push; and he had shoved him.

“That’s not what I meant!” Severus said, but the boy did not stop. The once cold man debated what to do, he owed to Potter the fact that he had his daughter, a small piece of Anne. He handed his baby to Albus and went after the boy.

Harry was at the door when he heard steps, he turned to see Snape getting closer, and panicked. He boltled in a dead run. He heard the older man call after him, but he had no intention of stopping. To his surprise, the man was fast and tackled him. Harry fought as hard as he could, but he had already burned whatever reserves he still had. He lay still panting to catch his breath. Severus was also breathing hard after being prostrated in bed and not eating, he was not in the best condition; Potter was also very fast and elusive.

“I don’t blame you,” Severus said, he sat against a wall, but still held on to the boy. “I wanted to, I really did. But it really wasn’t your fault.”

“But… there must have been something I could do. Surely if I hadn’t hesitated in using magic,” Harry sobbed.

“From what you told me she was already wounded when you went in her help. As much as it hurts me to say it, there was nothing you could do.” Tears began falling from his eyes .

“It’s… not fair! People die near me and I can’t do anything… I’m so weak.”

“No, life isn’t fair. It has a damn sick sense of humour. It… gives you hope, let’s you dream and then takes it away . ”

“I’m sorry Sir… I’m really sorry… I caused you so much pain…”

“It hurts so very much,” he choked. “To know I won’t see her, laugh with her again. You know? I could not believe she loved me. The ‘greasy git’, evil potions professor; the most unsociable being in the wizarding world…”

“She asked me to tell you she’ll love you always and to take care of your daughter for her,” Harry’s words got him a choked sob, followed by a few more. Both cried for a bit more, it really pained Harry to see that strong wizard hurting so much.

“I am grateful to you… Harry…”

“But I …”

“You delivered my daughter. You were there and because of that she ‘s alive, I know about her and what happened to Anne. You’ve earned my undying gratitude boy.”

After a while they made their way back to the infirmary. Madame Pomfrey began to berate both of them for the foolish stunt, but it was the headmaster who stopped her. At his suggestion they shared dinner together. Harry was not feeling very hungry, but forced himself to eat more to gain his strength. Snape was restricted to broth and afterward he took dreamless sleep potion. Minerva took care of Lily Anne for the night.

The events of that night broke the ice between Harry and Severus. They had common ground and that was Lily Anne. The boy became intent on involving the older wizard in the care of his daughter. In teaching him all that he learned and by the end of the week there were frail attempts at bickering over diaper changes. None wanted to do it, and it was like playing Russian roulette. Feedings were all right. Harry let Snape do most of those, as both Minerva and Poppy agreed it would help the Potions Master to bond with his daughter.

Severus had yet to rebuild his walls. He was still grieving, but now that he realized he was needed it was a bit easier to go on. There were times when he still lost himself but, oddly enough, Harry became attuned to those moods and did not let wallow in them too long. He used little Lily Anne to break him out of them. But if it was not enough, he would place a hand on the wizard’s shoulder and talk to him about everything at first. Then, when he realized that talking about potions and ingredients would snap out him of it; he used that. Harry was probably going to know more about Potions and ingredients than Hermione by the end of the summer.

H arry really did not mind, he had decided that if he had no one that cared about him, there were others he could take care of instead. So he took it unto himself to look after Snape. The man was not bad at all. The boy also looked after Lily Anne, she was like a little sister and he was happy to notice she recognized and preferred that he carry her, instead of Madam Pomfrey or McGonagall.

Severus was back to health after a week of being in the infirmary, and he was allowed to move about. He had accepted to have tea with Albus in his office, and leave his daughter in Harry’s competent hands. Who would have thought ‘the-boy-who-lived’ would turn out to be so good with the babies ? He had also noticed Harry really cared for his little girl, the boy positively adored her.

As he drank tea, Albus moved the conversation to school matters, a ‘safe’ subject, and also one that would get him back to the land of the living. It was something to keep his mind occupied and away from brooding. Severus’ had noticed Harry’s attempts at snapping him out of his depression, he was… grateful, and… moved that the boy would try to help him get back on his feet. Albus had really been right about him. Potter was a good kid, with a big heart.

They talked about the school’s security. Albus was sure that with little Anne staying at Hogwarts he could implement blood-relation wards like the ones he had used in Privet Drive for Harry. Those wards would strengthen the school’s protection and ‘the-boy-who-lived’ would also benefit from that. There were a few other protective wards the Potions Master could cast as a father. Severus was a very powerful wizard. The Headmaster also wanted Harry to try his hand at weaving some wards based on his relation to Lily Anne. The boy was really strong, he just needed more direct guidance and work on his wandless magic.

Albus then moved to talk about what Severus wanted to do since he was out of the infirmary. The younger wizard mentioned that he wanted to go back to his chambers. It was then that he realized the dungeons were no place for a baby. They were too cold and damp, without mentioning dark. Severus had groaned and muttered something about his life being thorn in little pieces and rearranged without his permission. The headmaster agreed that children, once they came, produced that effect on the otherwise orderly lives of parents. He avoided mentioning that it was more of a strain for single parents. But Severus did mention it sadly.

Dumbledore suggested he could use one of the empty apartments in the professors’ wing. There was bound to be one to his liking, and the house-elves would take care of moving everything. The younger wizard just sighed resigned, he dreaded apartment gazing. If he wasn’t wrong there were at least fifteen, some had not been used in a century or more. Albus also dropped the hint that Severus should visit either Hogsmead or Diagon Alley for baby things. His daughter had only the barest essentials and would require much more. Severus groaned, he hated shopping unless it was books or something Potions’ related.

“How can people deal with all these… changes?”

“The best they can my child. Some prepare months in advance, others? Well at the last minute, you’ll get used to it, don’t worry.”

“Can you imagine what’s going to happen if a student sees me in a baby shop? My reputation will be ruined!”

“Well, they better get used to seeing you carrying a baby around,” Albus said eyes twinkling madly with amusement; and Severus groaned aloud again .

“Oh Merlin, be merciful,” the Potions Master muttered

“It’ll be fine my child, look at it this way; you’ll have an unlimited supply of baby sitters. ”

“Very funny Albus,” he sneered.

“I think it is,” the older wizard chuckled but then got serious. “There’s one more thing I wanted to talk with you, Harry.”

“What about him?”

“Well, he can’t stay the way he is now. I… need to find a family and a place to stay the rest of the summer.”

“So you’re going to send him away,” Severus stated softly . He had gotten used to the boy, and he knew Harry was not going to like being separated from little Anne. He… Potter was a great help and not just with the baby.

“Yes,” Albus confirmed sadly.

“Do you have a place already?” The Potions Master inquired trying not to sound too interested and failing miserably.

“I have a couple but I haven’t decided yet… There’s another option but…” the old wizard hesitated knowing it might be asking too much of the younger man before him.

“But…?” Severus raised one eyebrow denoting interest.

“Do you think you can deal with a baby and a teenager my child? I know you both have made your peace, but it is another change.” Albus paused to let his words sink in, then went on. “Harry needs attention, needs to feel wanted and that he’s not just dumped on people who would much rather do without him.” His voice was filled with regret. It was his fault the boy felt that way. He had, after all, been the one who decided to leave Harry with those terrible muggles. “The poor boy has had enough rejection his whole life at the hands of those despicable muggles; and I have no one to blame but myself. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake. The families I chose have no kids and they were looking for one. They don’t know it is Harry Potter, just a kid that really needs to be loved. They aren’t death Eaters and they have pledged to protect the light .”

Severus was silent thinking, he was not sure he could offer what Albus wanted, to love the boy. He knew he was not numb, as he had begun to love his little girl, and was fond of Potter. The Potions Master still was not sure it was good idea to let people close so soon after loosing Anne. His heart had always been frail, and that was why he had built his walls in the first place.

“It’s ok Severus, I understand. You’re learning to be a father to your daughter. I can’t really ask you to take another child.”

“I haven’t said that I won’t take him, Albus. He is really a great help with Lily. He adores her and she knows him. You feel her magic almost glow when he’s around. He… has also been a great help to get me going, he didn’t have to, and has not explained why. But… Harry won’t let me dwell in my memories to long. I can’t promise to love him as a son, I… I’m not sure I’m able… But… he won’t be burden and… I’ll miss him if you send him away.” He ended admitting the last.

“Are you sure my child?” Albus had considered the possibility of Severus taking Harry in, but had been sure the younger wizard would not agree. That was why he felt compelled to ask again, to make sure it was what Severus wanted.

“Yes, he’ll be welcomed in my… family, if that is what he wants. Are we going to trial for his guardianship?”

“No, we found the Dursleys , and they signed a release of their guardianship of the boy to whoever we decided. You’ll only have to sign the Ministry documents. I have the parchments right here…”

“I… rather ask him first Albus,” Severus informed his mentor. He did not want to force Harry into anything. Despite doing his best to hide it, the Potions Master knew the boy was very frail emotionally, and he did not want to hurt him by forcing him to live with someone he did not want to.

“Very well, the papers can wait.” Albus had a pleased smile on his face as he put away the parchment. “I’m glad you agreed to take him. I really didn’t want to have to send Harry away. I know he considers Hogwarts home, but… I couldn’t take him myself, even if Minerva wanted to as much as I did. You know Fudge will jump at any possible opening to discredit the both of us about Voldemort’s return. He did enough damage to the boy by accusing him of lying and being mentally unbalanced .”

“Fudge might try to contest my right to be Harry’s legal guardian. I… I have a past.” Severus warned him. He had been a Death Eater after all, and there were many people that did not believe he had repented.

“Yes, you made a mistake when you were young,” Albus agreed. “But you didn’t return to Him. There are court records that state you worked for the Order of the Phoenix and myself during the first war. All your statements were taken under the effects of veritasserum. I can request that those records be unsealed; and not even He can’t contest them no matter what. His predecessor made sure no one could. You could, of course, adopt Harry,” Albus suggested, “the magical and legal procedures ensure that it is in the best interest of a child. Fudge can’t do anything in that case.”

“I don’t know Albus.” His tone was uncertain. Something the old Headmaster had rarely heard.

“It’s alright Severus , think about it. We’re in no hurry it can make thing easier, but it’s not necessary. You already agreed to be his legal guardian. That’s enough; and maybe after seeing how you cope with each other…” he trailed off.

“Don’t worry Albus , I won’t harm him. I’m so deep in dept with Harry that I would never hurt him knowingly.”

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Unexpected Child – Original Draft (04)

Here is the last part of what I got from my nephew, there is still more but he has not finished typing it, so I have to wait until he does.
Anyway I’ll start typing some of the revisions, I probably start with number 7 (they are numbered from 1 -which is the original draft- to 17 which is the last revision I made. As they are really a lot of pages I have them in two separate notebooks -Mike has from 1 to 6- so I’ll start witht the first of the notebook I have.

I was not too happy with Severus reactions, so I did make changes to that on the revisions. The one that I like best is the version of Severus in revision 10. I have a part already typed, I just need to see how much because I don’t remember. If it’s enoght I’ll upload it soon.

Harry blanched but nodded, his first trip with a portkey had led him to Voldemort and Cedric’s death at Wormtail’s hand. He held little Ann tight. A look at Snape told him the man was so tense he might break. Also for a moment he thought he was going to tell him to leave the baby but Snape didn’t say anything, just tapped the quill with his wand and muttered Albus office.

Harry landed in a painful heap on the floor doing his best not to wake little Ann. The headmaster and Minerva McGonagall were the only ones there. They looked at the arrivals quite surprised. In a tight barely controlled voice Snape told them he was going to his dungeons. Harry could tell he was shaking. He did not make it to the door, his legs buckled and he ended on his knees breathing hard and trying to get him self under control. Albus was beside him in an instant, kneeling at his side. Asking concerned what was wrong. For the first time since he arrived to Hogwarts Severus Snape, Potions Master, teacher, Death Eater turned spy, broke down and wept.

At a look from Albus, Minerva helped Harry with the baby, seeing him with a child surprised her, but it was not the moment to ask questions. She led the crying children -the little girl woke up- probably distressed by Severus. She was worried about him, she just couldn’t figure out what could make him break his control so totally. But she couldn’t stay, Harry was crying, saying it was his fault. He looked clearly in shock, seeing Snape -cold hearted Snape- like that would probably do the trick. At the moment she needed him to calm down and explain also she who the little onewas. She was days old. After a good dose of calming Potion she might be able to extract some answers, from Harry.

Then teen was feeling so guilty, he really was not coherent. He’d done that to Snape, it seemed he really loved Ann’s mother. Perhaps if he had used Magic from the start or gone for help instead of doing as she asked. Once again someone was hurting because he had not thought, because he was weak.

Poppy decided a calming potion was not going to be enough; the boy was hurting emotionally that was what caused the shock. She put Harry to sleep. Then directed her attention to the baby. Minerva McGonagall had several children and grand children, she knew how to deal with magical babies. By the time the medi-witch was through with Harry, she’d calmed the baby. After a trough examination, she concluded the girl was fine, healthy 6 days old and needed a change of diapers.

After confirming with Minerva that they brought no baby things, the medi-witch had a house-elf go shop for some basic things to Hogsmead. The house elf was back shortly. They transfigured one bed into a crib, and set it closer to Harry. After all he’d been the one carrying her, and the baby seemed to be sensitive enough to recognize his magical aura.

They had no answers and even more questions when Albus came, helping a catatonic Potions Master.

“Merlin Headmaster, what happened to Severus?” Poppy asked while she checked the younger wizard.

“Grief Poppy, and shock,” he responded sadly. “He… was barely able to speak… but, I know what he was up to last year,” he said and watched the younger wizard close his tortured eyes after drinking Dreamless Sleep Potion.”

“He… got himself a girlfriend?” Minerva put two and two together.

“Yes, a muggle woman. Her name was Ann…”

“Albus, Severus is not one to crumble over an affair…”

“No Poppy, he’s not. He was very serious about it. But she being muggle he did not want to put her at risk. So he stopped seeing her November last year, until things were safe. And he could offer a peaceful life.”

“Where does Harry fit in?”

He told him the news, I think… saw her die but… Severus was not very coherent… I fear he might not pull through,”

“Albus you don’t mean…”

“Yes, keep him restrained,”

“What about the baby?”

“We need to talk to Harry for that. Minerva.”

Harry woke up a few hours later to Lily Ann’s hungry cries. He scooped her up from the crib beside his bed, noticing his shoulder and rib were healed. Moments later Madame Pomfrey came in carrying a bottle.

“Oh good you’re wake Harry, let me have her and feed her”

“It’s ok, I’ll do it,” He said grabbing the bottle and sitting back on the bed, he got comfortable and fed her with practiced ease. At the medi-witch’s puzzled expression he explained.

“Been taking care of Lily Ann since she was born, thought I was just starting to learn how to change a diaper. I wasn’t in a hurry to learn if the nurses could do it.”

“Harry, is she yours? Where’s the mother?” She jumped to conclusions, it wasn’t unheard of for teens to experiment and end getting a girl pregnant.

“Mine? No, I’m not Lily Ann’s father. I did name her, and I’m her godfather,” he was quiet for a moment watching the baby. She had pale ivory skin, a mop of fine raven black hair and a dainty nose. It seemed she had not inherited Snape’s nose. “How… how is Professor Snape?”

“He… he’s grief stricken I gave him Dreamless Sleep Potion. Harry what happened?”

“I think you better call the Headmaster ma’am. I… don’t want to have to tell this a fourth time”


Madame Pomfrey called Dumbledore, he came with McGonagall, it was really no secret, and yet few people knew they were married for more than 20 years. With the Headmaster there and a good dosage of calming potion. Harry re-told the story. This time he didn’t omit using magic, without his wand, and that he was still surprised he didn’t get notice or Ministry officials in the alley. Through out the story he had been detached as if telling it from an outsiders point of view. He did get an explanation for Lily Ann’s behavior. Some wizard children felt comforted by being in the presence of other magic users, they also identified family. Like parents and siblings, and on occasion friends or protectors. She probably recognized him as protector and since he was young enough probably a sibling.

Harry wanted to know what was going to happen to her, but they didn’t have an answer. It would depend on Snape if he wanted to keep his child and raise her as a single parent. Or give her up for adoption. He bristled at the thought and asked what his rights as godfather were.

It happened that his rights had more weight in the magical world than in the muggle. Even if he was underage he had a say in the matter, and could keep her as long as he proved he could support and care for her. He could, and decided to ask a trip to Gringotts as soon as possible. Dumbledore told him not to assume things yet. Severus was not cold hearted, regard less of what he made people think. At the moment he was in shock and grieving, he was not in himself. They would wait until he was better and see what his decision was.

Snape was unresponsive for 10 days, it left everyone baffled because it was completely unlike him. The man just gave up and locked himself in his mind. He didn’t eat, barely slept and had not moved from the bed. In his mind he saw no reason to go on, for a long time he had not dared to even glimpse the possibility of being happy, of redeeming himself from his mistake of following Voldermort. He didn’t deserve it. Then Ann appeared to a lonely and hurting 34 year old man, with no hopes or expectations, and NO luck with women, and she offered hope, love, dreams, companionship. He clung to her and dared to think of the future, a happy one. Fate had played him a painful prank. Severus wanted to curse, and hit something -anything- but he had no strength, no will. In those moments, he tried to lay the blame on Potter, on someone he could get even with, and he could not. It wasn’t the boys fault, he tried to save her, he risked his life but… in the end Potter was a small lad and not physically strong.

No, no matter how he had hated the-boy-who lived he couldn’t anymore.

Harry had withdrawn into himself too, but he had Lily Ann to look after and he refused to allow the older witches, Pomfrey and McGonagall, to completely take over her care. As long he looked after the baby, he had no chance to wallow in guilt and self pity, that reared their ugly heads when he managed to sleep. Nightmares of Cedric’s death, his parents’, Ann’s mother, mixed all together with his Uncle telling him he was ‘no good’, and a ‘freak’. That they never wanted him; and the fact that his relatives actually abandoned him, sinking finally in, made his dreams an ugly place to be. He had also 3 visions of Voldemort, he was furious with Snape for not responding to his call. On the second he ordered Lucius Malfoy to investigate.

He warned the headmaster and they hid him and little Ann for Malfoy’s visit. The man was perplexed at Severus condition; he poked and prodded none too gently but got no response. When he asked what happened, he only got ‘we don’t knows’, they said they found him like that outside Hogwarts’ gates, and the diagnostic was shock.

Something had shocked him into that condition, and they would not have any answers until he came out of it on his own. Malfoy left quite… upset. That same night there was a Death Eater meeting, where Lucius explained what he found. The Dark Lord was not pleased, especially because he really couldn’t do anything about it. He’d caused extreme pain in his two callings and the man was still catatonic. He would have to do without his potions Master.

On the 10 th day after knowing of Ann’s death he began to come out of his shock. No matter how much he had wanted to lie prone on the bed and waste until he died, Severus Snape was not quitter.

He always managed, and he would survive her death. He had not dwelled on the rest of the story, but he realized there was more, he just couldn’t really focus on what it was. The cries of a baby, and some loud discussion brought him completely out of his limbo. The baby, Ann and his baby, was almost bursting her lungs out, drowning the shouting. On unsteady legs he stood up to investigate.

The scene he found was shocking; Pomfrey and McGonagall had Harry Potter -who carried his screaming daughter- cornered at the far end of the room. As he approached he noticed the boy didn’t look good, he… seemed on the brink of a break down from exhaustion. McGonagall was trying to reason with him, to convince the boy to let them take the baby for a night so he could sleep. Pomfrey was not making things easier by threatening to drug him again, again? How long had he been out?

“Don’t you dare!”

“Come on Harry, be reasonable. You need to sleep you’ve been taking care of the baby for 16 days! You need to rest! You needed to rest even before she was born!”

“No, I promised I would take care of her until he could. But he can’t and it’s my fault, it’s all my fault. I might not have liked him, but I never really wanted to hurt the Professor. Never thought anyone could, but I was not strong enough again and people died. And… and he’s been like dead for 10 days, I did that…”

“It’s not your fault you saved little Ann…”

“It IS you know? It always is. I’m the freak that gets people in trouble… and they hated me for that, they discarded me like trash… perhaps I am…”

“Potter, stop that nonsense right now!” Severus ordered the hysterical boy, who turned to see him with wide relieved eyes. Harry passed by the women, walked to him and handed him the baby. He didn’t really know how to hold her, she… looked so tiny and frail. Potter corrected his hold so her head was supported.

“I’m sorry Sir, I really tied… at least I kept my promise. She’s… fine… just needs a diaper change…” with that his eyes rolled in his head and he fainted. Severus was hard pressed to catch him with one arm, but Minerva was by his side in an instant to relieve him of little Ann. And he felt a slight reluctance to do so, yet Potter was a bit unwieldy for someone of her size even if the boy was small and light.

He carried him to the bed Poppy led him to, a crib was there as well as some basic baby things. While he settled him, Minerva took care of the baby.

“Now, can any of you explain?” He asked with a slight semblance of his farmer self.

“Not here, Harry really needs to sleep. Between the baby’s feedings, nightmares, and visions he has barely closed his eyes,” Poppy told him and gestured for them to leave.

“Why don’t you carry her?” Minerva suggested offering him the now quiet baby.

“I… I really don’t think…”

“Nonsense!” the witch said discarding with a wave of her hand any protest. “Here, just make sure you support her head. She’s too small to do it on her own” She handed him the baby.

The witches watched the incredulous look on his haggard face as little Ann felt who he was, and the recognition on her part. The new stranger was father. She had never felt him before, but knew him. A small hand grabbed his night shirt and when the warm sense of his magic brushed hers she fell asleep.

“Powerful little witch isn’t she?” The voice of Albus Dumbledore called his attention. “She’s usually a darling too, but new born babies can be very demanding. Come let’s take a seat and let poor Harry rest,” he said guiding the younger wizard back to his bed.

“I just got up Albus!” He protested, and yet did not resist.

“I know, but it’s always more comfortable to be seating when holding a small child”

“Severus, you haven’t eaten in a while, how about some light broth?” Poppy suggested, he was already seating on the bed and shifted uncomfortably. He didn’t like people fussing about him. Ann did, though, he remembered catching a cold while he visited. She’d fussed and made him lie down, with some warm tea, and muggle cold remedies. He didn’t remember someone being so caring since he…

“Severus child come back” Albus gentle voice brought him out of his memories. He looked embarrassed and avoided looking at any of them, instead fixed his gaze on the small bundle in his arms. She had his hair and coloring, but she looked a bit like her.

“She looks like…” he didn’t finish. “I remember Potter said something about naming her…”

“Yes, he chose Lily Ann Snape as her name, it’s muggle procedure in cases where the child is sick or orphaned. Harry wanted them to wait but they didn’t know how to locate you…”

“He hopes you don’t kill him for naming her…”

“Kill him? No, the name fits,” he said after a bit of thought. The brat chose well, he liked the sound, although he wasn’t sure he could call her Ann without remembering her mother. “He at least had the sense of NOT making her a Potter,” he said with an unsuccessful attempt to sneer.

“Well, if he feared you might kill him for choosing those names. He had no doubt you would if he used his last name. Although it did not occured to him she could be anything besides a Snape until later.

I… went to talk with the muggles at the hospital; the Doctor told me they would have used her mother’s last name. Harry insisted that she should carry yours”.

Unexpected Child – Orignal Draft (03)

Doctor Thomas went to look for the chaplain and Harry took the time to investigate the window. He was lucky that it opened, Hedwig would be able to come in, there was no sign of her but since it was already dark she might be hunting, she was sure she’d find a nice plump rat, there had been a few in the alley. The doctor came in with the chaplain; there was the matter of finding someone to be the infant’s godmother or godfather. Usually a staff member offered even if they never took care of the child. Harry asked that if a God parent wanted to fulfill the role if he had the right. The answer was yes. He could not let little Ann go to an orphanage, at least not for long. She was really powerful even for a baby that small and knowing what an orphanage did to Tom Riddle… If Snape didn’t want her then he’ll take her in he’d promised, and even if he was under age at 16, in a year he might be able to do something, she was no muggle so she did not have to stay in that world under their rules.

So he offered to be Lily Ann’s godfather at first, the Doctor and chaplain refused he was just a child too. But his arguments were quite good. First of all he knew the father, and secretly wished that Snape did not kill him for meddling in his private life. Second HE HAD already promised the child’s mother before she died, he did not want to break that. He did have the means to support the both of them. His parents left him well off, and he could collect when he was 16, this last he made up, he could already use his inheritance stored in Gringotts. And there seemed to be more than enough.

He did wonder if Dumbledore would let him keep a baby in Hogwarts, or if Snape would make his life miserable. The man was too cold and calculating, he was almost positive he might not want to do anything with babies and raising them. He didn’t know either, but… he just could not leave another orphan, his own life had been hard and lonely enough, to wish that on another child. I was agreed to let him be little Ann’s godfather after much thinking.

Little Ann stayed with him, they had tried to take her to the nursery but the disconsolate crying resumed. After two hours of non-stop wailing the chief nurse brought her back, Ann calmed and Harry was allowed to feed her bottle. Every 4 hours approximately a nurse would came and take care of the baby, he could help feed her again if he wanted, but couldn’t do much else be cause of his cracked rib and the wound on his shoulder., if had not been deep, but required 26 stitches so has left arm ended in a sling to keep from putting too much strain on his injury. After he got dinner he managed to get his hands on pen and paper. After several frustrating attempts, he finally wrote a letter to Snape that wasn’t too bad.


Professor Snape:

At the start of summer break, yesterday, I came upon some information that might be important to you. I would prefer to discuss this in person, as I’m sure you will. I am not staying with my relatives for reasons I’ll also explain when we meet.

I am in room 531 at St. Augusta General Hospital, please came straight to the room. People here have only been informed that my name’s Harry. Come dressed as a muggle; bring a muggle id if at all possible with your real name.

Please do not inform the Headmaster, once you hear what I have to say, I’ll leave the decision to you. I’m probably going to be here about 5 days. I don’t know where I’ll be after that, but I’ll send word with Hedwig.

Harry Potter


Severus Snape stared at the note in front of him. Not a week out of school and Gryffindor’s-Golden-Boy had already gotten himself in trouble. What the hell was that boy doing in a muggle hospital? And the damn letter was too cryptic; he really said nothing except ask not to tell Dumbledore. It was dated 3 days ago, according to the house elves the owl arrived only yesterday. He had been out trying to feel the water, Voldemort had not called again, but it was a matter of time. He needed to know how bad it was going to be going back; after all he had not attended his first summons.

He and Dumbledore had worked on a plausible story, to cover that and the fact that Hogwarts Headmaster had bailed him out of the Azkaban 14 years ago. He sincerely hoped it worked, not just for his sake. He was well aware that if he succeeded in going back into Voldemort’s inner circle he might be able to provide just that piece of information that might win the war. Unlike the first time he had personal reasons for it to end. He, Severus Snape, wanted a chance at having a life. He… never thought he deserved it, but life found him and he really wanted it. For Ann, his little blonde muggle, he would go back to spying. To live on the line for a chance of a peaceful life.

“Merlin, I miss you,” He whispered to the picture of her he usually kept inside his drawer, and only got out when he was alone.


He met her a year before, he’d been in dire need of a break from everything. It was just the beginning of summer break, and Hogsmead wasn’t to tempting a place to have a few drinks, and probably get plastered, too many people knew him, too many possible enemies around. So he packed a small duffel bag that looked very normal, with some muggle clothes. Transfigured his clothes to fit in London and as soon as he was out of Hogwarts’ he apparated to London , booked himself in a hotel for 3 days, and went out in search of a quiet pub.

He found one a couple of blocks from his hotel. There weren’t many patrons but looked clean. He went in choose a boot at the back were it was dark and ordered his first whiskey, of the night. It was still early so about 1½ later the place was packed, it was still nice so he stayed.

A very pretty petite blonde approached him, asking if he wouldn’t mind sharing his table. The whiskey had mellowed his mood to a point, so he’d just shrugged. She took it as a yes, soon she was trying to draw a conversation, and he being his usual self tried to avoid it. Until one long forgotten part of his brain reacted and called him to task for being an idiot.

There he was, sitting at a pub with beautiful woman trying to make a pass at him. Was he stupid or something? That was something that did not happen to Severus Snape very of… well it’d never happened before. So he came out of his shell and conversed with her. She was smart and witty and she actually made him laugh, the whole student body of Hogwarts that had ever taken a lesson with him would have had a heart attack if they’d seen him. He really liked her, specially her expressive large baby blue eyes. They had talked and laughed for a few hours and she’d been the bold one who started the kiss. They’d ended in his hotel and did not come out of the room in two days. He disappeared from Hogwarts for two weeks.

Dumbledore almost had a fit; Severus had to admit the man loved him almost like a son. And the Headmaster had been a father figure for him since he was studying. And he had behaved like a hormonal teenager. He apologized for disappearing but offered no explanations. Afterwards whenever he went to visit his little muggle, as he thought of her, he did inform he’d be disappearing. Not just where or sent an owl. No need to have Dumbledore think Death Eaters captured him.

He kept seeing her for 6 months, once the Herm started it had been difficult, still he managed to keep his relationship, and happiness, a secret. But things weren’t looking good and he was beginning to worry. He was not a seer but, his hunches were accurate most of the times. And he got the feeling things would start going downhill. Severus decided to stop his trips to Ann, he did explain. As he’d told her he was a wizard, he’d even opened up enough to talk about his past, and she had not condemned him. His last visit was in November, the weekend after Halloween. He’d given her his mother’s signet ring as a gift and a promise to be back.

<End of Flashback>

Severus decided to humor Potter the boy and his accomplices had a knack for coming in contact with information that they shouldn’t have, but was always important. Just in case of trouble he decided to take the emergency portkey to the headmaster’s office. He went to Hogsmead and floo*ed to the leaky cauldron. Once there he transfigured his clothes to black jeans and shirt, and took a taxi to St. Augusta General Hospital.

When he arrived he had feet tempted to ask some questions, and would have but the spoiled brat had specifically requested not to. It puzzled him but again decided to humor the kid. He took the elevator to the 5 th floor and found himself in the pediatric area. He supposed Potter being under age would still be in the age range of that profession. He found the room easily enough and without knocking went, in. He couldn’t help but gape, there was Potter sitting in a hospital bed, arm in a sling feeding and talking softly to a baby; if the blanket was any indication, a girl.

“I indeed think this deserve an explanation in person Potter… didn’t think… you had it in you,” He finally said after recovering from the chocking image. The boy started and looked at him blinking owlishly for a moment before his words sunk in. Then he became all flustered unable to utter a word.

“Well I’m waiting?” he raised an eyebrow.

“It’s not what it seems Sir,” he finally said, “She’s my goddaughter,” he explained and still got a raised eyebrow. “It’s a long story Sir; you might want to take a seat.”

“Why aren’t you in Privet Drive ?” He asked as he moved toward the chair beside the bed.

“In the pocket of my bag you’ll find a letter… I think it’ll be enough of an explanation,” he saw Snape get the letter and start to read, he had decided while he waited for him, that the truth would be the best approach, even if he really did not like letting him know life wasn’t peachy.

“Why…” he began, shocked again in less than 10 min. It seemed his… belief of the boy having a grand spoiled and pampered life was completely mistaken. “Didn’t you inform the headmaster? This is dated two days before the Hogwarts express left.”

“I tried Sir; I really tried to tell Professor Dumbledore. But… he didn’t even let me say two words…”

“And what were you pretending to do?”

“Find Diagon alley, go to Gringotts, check how much I have and well… fin himself somewhere to live for two months. In muggle London . But… things… happened while on my way there…” he said the last softly avoided looking at him while he awkwardly managed to burp the little girl. Snape could tell she was a witch, quite strong for someone so young and small.

“When don’t ‘things’ happen to you Potter?”

“Believe me Professor, I really wish they did not. I would give anything to be Harry, plain ordinary boy with boring ordinary life.”

With that he launched his recount of the events that landed him in a hospital caring for baby girl. He saw Snape first look surprised when he said Ann Watkins was pregnant, according to Doctor 9 months, and should not have been out. Then his expression turned to anger, his knuckles went with, and slowly passed to dread as he went on. He related delivering the baby. Being in shock, Snape had hidden his face in his hands, he’d gone transparent. Harry paused, he got the feeling his Professor already knew she died. He told him she said he was her baby’s father, when he urged him to go on in a strained voice. He went on, telling the man everything until he came in.

“I… tried… I really did Sir, but… he… he’d already hurt her before I heard. I… I’m really sorry,” Harry was crying. He felt deep sorrow coming from the usually Snarky professor. The man remained unmoving for a long moment. Then stood up, his face a expressionless mask, he grabbed his bag.

“Are these you things?”

“Yes Sir,”

“We’re leaving,” he took out a quill. “Portkey” he explained. “Dumbledore’s office.”

Harry blanched but nodded, his first trip with a portkey had led him to Voldemort and Cedric’s death at Wormtail’s hand. He held little Ann tight. A look at Snape told him, the man told him the man was so tense he might break. Also for a moment he thought he was going to tell him to leave the baby but Snape didn’t say anything, just tapped the quill with his wand and muttered Albus office.

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Unexpected Child – Original Draft (02)

umm… by the way Jan don’t bother correcting this one, it’s a reference to where I want the story to go, and I’m probably going to make too many changes before I post it as a chapter.

Harry woke up in a white room. A look around told him he was in a hospital, his shoulder hurt and also his chest when taking a deep breath. It took him a moment to remember why he was there, and then he sat upright, the sudden movement causing a sharp pain in his chest. He ignored it the best he could, he had to find the baby. No one noticed he was up; his bag of clothes was beside the bed so he got dressed, and slipped out of the room when no one was looking. Sneaking around was one of his specialties, even with out his invisibility cloak. He found out the newborns were in the same floor, and got there easily. With people none the wiser.

A new born was crying her lungs out, and creating general racket in there. There was a small cluster of doctors. and nurses with the baby, all looking concerned and puzzled.

Some things were rattling but they barely noticed, and Harry could feel the strong magical aura coming from the room, even before he reached the window.

As soon as he plastered himself there the baby began to calm down. He felt like a tentative touch to his senses, like the tingle he’d felt in the restaurant, and he returned it, not really sure how.

At that moment security caught up with him a nurse noticed he’d escaped from his room, he wasn’t well yet and the police wanted to ask some questions. The thug had some pretty weird story, about being attacked by a bird and flung through the air with just a word. But Harry didn’t want to leave, mostly because the baby didn’t want him to go. The moment he was a few feet away the little girl began her crying again. Harry managed to slip and get closer, she calmed down. The little struggle caught the attention of the pediatrician. She saw the boy being dragged away and her patient started bawling her lungs out. She had not eaten yet, not stopped crying since the paramedics brought her in a few hours ago. She couldn’t keep up with that, she was already weak. And there wasn’t anything wrong with her. The circumstances of her birth were tragic and unfortunate and she had not been physically hurt by it. But her strength was faltering, if she didn’t stop crying and eat. The Doctor was reluctant to feed her intravenously.

The paramedics came with the tale that they had to sedate a teen to be able to examine her. He was injured and in shock. Everything pointed out that he delivered the little baby. Her cries were getting weaker and the Doctor decided to put to test what she observed even if it defied reason. She took the infant in her arms and went after security people dragging the struggling boy.

“Security wait!” She called over the baby’s wails. They stopped, as soon as she closed the distance the wails stopped. “I’m Doctor Mary Thomas, from pediatrics. I need to speak with this boy.”

“You’ll have to wait your turn Doctor Thomas. A lot of people want to.” One of the men said and started dragging Harry away, the wails resumed.

“No you wait,” She told them getting closer and the baby stopped. It was abrupt enough to make the security people notice.” “The health of one of my patients is at stake. I take precedence.” She glared at them menacingly.

“Ok Doctor Ask him what you want.”

“What’s your name?”

“Harry,” he said after thinking a bit. He did not want to give his last name. They might try to locate the Dursleys after all the stupid muggles still had legal custody. He really had to be very careful.

“Harry and your last name?”

“Just Harry,” he said

“Come on punk,” one of the men gave him a small shave, but he touched his injured shoulder. “Answer the doctor’s question.”

“Ouch! Careful with the shoulder,” he said through clenched teeth. “And it’s just Harry no last name.”

“He is not a suspect, is he?”

“No men”

“Then don’t treat him like a criminal,” She Doctor snapped at them. “Ok Harry, I think you noticed that when you’re close my patient calms down and as soon as you move away she starts crying,” he gave her a small nod. “Do you know why?”

“No doctor,”

“Why did you came see her, it seems you’re injured?”

“I promised her mother before she died that I would look for her until her father comes. “I… wanted to make sure she was fine. But… she isn’t is he?”

“She… wasn’t. She is weak from crying, needs to sleep and eat. Would you… would you mind being close to her for a while so we can feed her and let her sleep?”

“No doctor, I really don’t mind. Don’t know anything about the babies though,”

“Don’t worry boyo, the nurses or I will take care of that.” Now gentlemen lead the way.”

“This is highly irregular Doctor”

“I know, but if it helps my patient then I’ll do it.”

They went to Harry’s room to find who police officers there, they at first refused to have the Doctor there, but a demonstration and so me harsh comments from Doctor Thomas were enough to make them change their minds. There were two beds there one unoccupied and a phone while the officers began questioning Harry, she called for a cradle and since she was already carrying a bottle she began feeding the baby.

Harry refused to give this his last name, the name of his legal guardian, when he told them he had no parents since he was one. Or where they lived, which in fact he really didn’t know, the name of the school, only that it was in Scotland and they didn’t have a phone, actually nothing was near it.

He did give a detailed account of what happened even admitting that he owned an owl. That usually came and went; she was very tame, unless someone wanted to hurt him. Which the thug did, he was not aware until then that Hedwig had followed him to London , as she stayed in the school grounds where she could hunt mice and… things. He finished the story with finding out Ann Watkins was the girlfriend of one of his professors. Which had surprised him to no end, when he was questioned about him he said he really didn’t know much only that he thought chemistry (the closest thing he could come up to potions) and was very strict, and should be around 35 to 40 years old. He explained also about the thug backing up and tripping hitting his head against the wall. Hedwig had been making a racket. Probably the guy was on drugs or hit his head too hard; he was too small to toss a guy against the wall. Most of his answers satisfied the police men, but they just would not stop pressing him for his identity until he snapped.

“Look, I won’t tell you. Stop asking, they sent me a letter 2 days before term ended. They told me they moved and not to look for them. They didn’t want me back, but I couldn’t stay at school. I have some savings, so I just needed to find a place to stay until school started again next year I’ll be old enough to have my own place. But then this happened.”

“Look Harry, what you’re telling us is a crime they… can’t abandon their charge…”

“Well, they did. Doesn’t matter though, they hated me, and no they weren’t abusive, over the years” he lied once he saw one about to ask. An occasional beating for stealing food or any such thing, they mostly punished him by not feeding him, having lots of chares or staying in his room. “They just pretended I wasn’t there most of the time. If Hedwig finds me, I’ll send her to one of the professors at school; someone is bund to know what Professor Snape does with his summers.

“Sending the owl?”

“Ever heard about messenger doves?” Both police men nodded. “Well I trained Hedwig to do the same; she can always go back to the school.”

Finally the officers decided they had their answers and left. Doctor Thomas was still there surprised at how easily the baby had calmed, eaten and was sleeping just by being close to Harry. He really was a strange one, too small to be almost 15, a bit on the scrawny side, he was mostly soft spoken. He’d stammered, but he was definitely not afraid or intimidated by the police officers, he actually held his own. She didn’t believe him when he affirmed he was not abused; there were other kids of it besides physical. Her turn was almost over, and she’d spent a long time in there, she forgot the hospital’s chaplain had suggested they christened the baby-girl before she found a way to make her eat. And with no way of contacting the father who also didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant, according to what she told Harry, it was probably the best to name her.

It might take at least 2 months until the boy returned to school, by that time she was probably going to be in a children’s home.

“Harry, since we can’t get a hold of the baby’s father, and we really can’t keep calling her Jane Doe. Would you like to choose a name for her? She really seems to like you, and you also delivered her.”

“Name her? I’m not sure the professor is going to like that.”

“Do you think he’s going to recognize his paternity? He didn’t know, and from what her mother declared they weren’t married. If he doesn’t want his daughter, which is not unheard off, she’ll be sent to an orphanage. And it would be better if she already had a name.”

“An orphanage? No, you can’t do that to her!”

“Sometimes there’s no option.”

“The ‘greasy-git’ can’t be that evil not to want his own daughter.”

“Greasy-git?” Doctor Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Umm, yeah” Harry said looking a bit embarrassed.

“We can call him that, also ‘overgrown bat’ he always dresses in black, and in so pale.”

“Well, any way how about choosing a name,” “I can almost hear him sneer ‘Well Mr. Potter you managed to get yourself yet again, in things that do not concern you’,” he said in his best imitation of Snape.

“So your last name is Potter?” She said with a hint of amusement. He shot her a look of pure terror and the amusement. I want tell Harry, they did abuse you, didn’t they?”

“Not often, and not for some time. But he, my uncle, said he would kill me if I found them. He will you know? He’s very capable of doing that.”

“You should have told the police …”

“No, my… life is rather complicated. It’s better to leave it like this… Her mother’s name was Anne,” he changed the subject. “My mother’s name was Lily, and… he’s never said anything bad about her. My father he hated, they were year mates, but not my mother. So… how about Lily Anne Snape? What do you think?” He asked the baby sleeping in her crib.

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Unexpected Child – Original Draft (01)

This is the original draft of Unexpected Child. You’ll see that some parts have changed in those chapters I already posted to Fanfic-Zone.net, ff.net and other sites. Still I want to have this stored someplace else.
What I upload today is not all that I have of the original draft, there’s still a lot more plus the revisions to some scenes. This is just a preview of what I plan to do with the story.

Harry stood alone in platform 9, the students arriving from Hogwarts for summer break long gone. The headmaster insisted he would be safer at the Dursleys with the event of the Triwizard Tournament. He had gently but firmly refused to hear any objections he had, of course he would not really tell him the real reason for not going back.

He had received an owl from the Dursleys just two days ago. As incredible as it sounded, but he guessed that was the only way they could contact him, the letter was perfectly clear, under no circumstances was he to return. They had enough of his freakiness, they hated him. Vernon had written that they moved sometimes during the year. He was no to look for them, if he did, his uncle would see that he was permanently removed from the face of the earth. Harry didn’t doubt he was serious. The adult Dursleys had never been overly violent with him, but they had beaten him occasionally, Dudley always, but that was beside the point. He knew uncle Vernon would be true to his word.

The teen decided he could no day the whole break in king cross. The best for him would be to go to dragon alley to get money from his vault and find a place to stay, at least until he could formulate a good plan of action. He booked a locker where he left Hedwig’s cage, and his trunk, he only took some of his clothes and put them in his book bag. He checked to see if he had enough muggle money, he’d exchanged a bit in Gringotts subsidiary in Hogsmead, just in case, it seemed he’d made a good decision. He had £893.21 pounds. He guessed it was more that enough to get him a quick meal and transportation to the Leaky Cauldron.

For only an instant he regretted giving the twins his prize from the tournament, he might end needing it. But then he shook his head, no, he had enough in his vault. In fact, this might be a good opportunity to take a good look at his financial affairs; there was also more than money in his vault. He might as well take a look at those things too. With that in mind he left to take a taxi.

Harry was not exactly sure of the Leaky Cauldron’s exact location, but the general area was enough, he’d just walk around see if he spotted a wizard or witch and follow them. For being a Sunday that area of London was rather quiet with few people around. Feeling slightly hungry he entered a fast food restaurant ordered a regular hamburger combo and sat at a window seat to eat it. With luck he’ll spot some magic people. Two seats from his right also watching the window intently, was a very pretty blonde woman. Being a healthy developing teenager Harry stole several looks in her direction, she seemed a bit worried and deep in thought. There was also something about the woman that made his senses tingle, a familiar feeling and yet he could not pin what it was, although he was sure he should.

The blonde was a muggle, that much he could tell as he couldn’t feel magic, at least nothing specific coming from her. She finished eating and stood up. It was then that Harry noticed she was very pregnant. Oh well, it wasn’t as if he was going to hit a woman that was at least 30, no matter how pretty. As he passed him Harry noticed she had the bluest eyes he’d seen. Her husband was a lucky guy. He resumed his window gazing for a little while longer, until he decided it would be better keep moving it was almost dark. In the worst case he could always hail the knight bus.

As he walked out of the restaurant and turn to his right to walk down the street he heard a small gasp, things falling and an angry voice, then a woman’s muffled voice. To his right was a small dark alley, the woman sounded pleading and he could hear the sounds of struggle. Without stopping to think what he could do, he went in. A thug was threatening the pretty blonde with VERY big knife. The woman was crying and holding her belly.

“Leave her alone!” Harry shouted without really stopping to think what he would do. At least he distracted the man.

“Mind your business brat. Go find your own”

The thug said after giving a good look at his clothes.

“I said leave her alone!”

“What you gonna do huh?”

`Good point what am I going to do? I can’t use magic, and he’s a lot bigger than I am.´

He turned to face the woman, she was pleading for help, and he couldn’t leave her. That man might kill her if he left even to look for a policeman. So he did the first thing that came to his mind, not his brightest idea, but the thug wasn’t expecting it either. He tackled him and succeeded in tumbling the both in the ground.

“Run!” he managed to say as he was falling. Using his quidditch reflexes and years of experience avoiding being beating by Dudley and croonies. Harry was up in an instant the woman was moving slowly and awkwardly to the street. The thug was up and after her. Harry tackled they guys legs, and clanged like a leech. The man got angry, he tried to stab him and Hedwig swooped at him claws extended, he tried to protect himself but the snowy owl made some damage. The guy managed to dislodge Harry and plant a strong quick to his ribs, , could almost swear he heard one crack. It sure hurt like it broke. The man scrambled to his feet, managed to knife Harry on the shoulder despite Hedwig’s attempts, and launched himself at the woman who was hunched and in apparent pain.

“EXPELLIARMUS!” Harry shouted almost instinctively. He had done wandless magic before, in anger, this time was in fear. The knife flew off the man’s hand and he was projected against a wall with enough force to knock him unconscious.

He was in dept shit, the ministry people was sure going to make an appearance. Magic and in front of muggles, but maybe they’d understand the guy was going to kill her; he couldn’t let him do that. With an effort he managed to get to his feet and move close to her, she’d just moaned and clutched her stomach at the time it… jerked? That didn’t look good.

“Are you all right?”

“Don’t think so own” She responded panting and groaning in pain. “My baby is coming…”

‘Oh God! This isn’t good, not good at all, where the hell are ministry people when you need them? They should already be here!’

“I better get some help…’ he said starting to up.”

“No time, too close. You’re going to have…”

“Oh Merlin, but… I… don’t… I don’t know…”

“I’ll tell you… I’ll do all the… work…took…a ‘Lamar’s course’ (I think this is the course pregnant women take to prepare for a natural birth. In Spanish it has a completely different name and I can’t find a translation)… allergic to… pain killers and… anesthetic. “I’m… Ann… Watkins…”

“Harry… Harry Potter, Ann.”

“You’re a… wizard Harry?”

“Yes… how did you…?”

“My baby’s father… is a wizard…”

Ann was right there was no time; the baby was born with the help of one very shocked teenager, who just managed to keep from fainting because of sheer will power. Ann’s cries called the attention of some passerby who called for an ambulance and the police. The baby seemed ok and had protested loudly her entrance to the world. It was a girl, Harry could feel she was a witch, and she seemed ok, he bundled her in one of his huge t-shirts. But her mother wasn’t ok, Ann didn’t look all that good and Harry wished for the help to arrive.

“Harry, my baby’s father didn’t know I was pregnant when he left,” She told him tiredly.

“He had to, said thing were becoming dangerous again. Especially so for muggles, he…said once things got solved he… would come… back so we… could marry… find him please… tell him he has a daughter…”

“You can tell him Ann, listen the ambulance is close. I’ll owl him and tell him where you both…”

“Don’t think so, he… stabbed me twice… too much blood… keep… an eye on my baby until… he comes? I think he… knows you.”

“Of course I will, I helped her be born, who’s he…”

“Severus… Severus Snape… tell… tell him I’ll always love him and to take care of our daughter for me,” she said and was silent the ambulance arrived, she remained conscious long enough to tell them who she was, and her baby’s father name and that she had no immediate family. She then fell into unconsciousness.

They worked on her trying to stabilize her, but it was no use she died Harry could only watch strangely detached what happened and clutched the little new born girl to him. He had not been able to save her mother but he promised to look for her and that was what he intended to as he held her close. People were talking to him, trying to take the baby away. He fought them; he had to tell Professor Snape. That man was probably going to kill him when he found out he had not been able to save his girlfriend. He hadn’t been able to save Cedric either. Something pricked his arm, as hands held him still, after a moment he felt dizzy and everything went black.

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Unexpected Child Chapter 3 (draft) Incomplete

Jan, this is only a tidbit of what chapter three is going to be. I’m waiting for the rest to be typed, and should have a tentative chapter by the weekend.

Unexpected Child

A Harry Potter Fanfiction

By animealam

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my computer and my car. So, no, Harry Potter and Co. are not mine.

Author’s note :


                THIS IS AN AU STORY (AU=Alternate Universe), even though I try to follow the original novels as close as I can.

                Not a native English speaker writing.

                Characters might be Out Of Character (OOC)

                There might be spoilers for all four books.




        Finally the officers decided they had all the answers they could get out of the boy . The coincidences where disturbing and both constables did feel there were things Harold James was keeping from them ; a lthough Richards had the hunch they really were not relevant to their case. As it was, he believed they had enough to finally build a strong case against Elliot Allen. Harold’s testimony would be vital in getting a conviction; it was just a matter of confirming the boy’s identity.

        They left , not without informing the boy that they would be keeping watch on him , and expecting to talk with Professor Snape as soon as he made an appearance. Harry did not like the idea of them taking to his potions Professor, but it seemed that he would not have a say in the matter and worried if Snape would agree to talk to the constables.

        After the men left, Doctor Thomas and Harry remained in thoughtful silence for a while. She was surprised at how easily the baby had calmed, eaten and was now sleeping just by being close to the scrawny teen ; and she still had no clue as to why that was happening, but it did make some strange sense. They boy , after all , had pointed out that weird things happened to him, this completely qualified as such a situation. Also to be truthful to herself , it was not the first time in her medical career that she encountered something similar, though it was no common occurrence either.

        Mary Thomas observed the boy surreptitiously as he seemed deep in thought. Harry really was a strange one, too small to be almost fifteen, but with eyes that belied that young age. The teen had admitted to some abuse from his legal guardians, so it was not difficult to believe that he was probably neglected and malnourished since he was a little child. It would explain why he was so small. She would have to run some test to confirm her suspicions and see what could be done , if anything, to help him grow a bit more.

        Doctor Thomas knew children from boarding schools were well fed and it was no easy task to be admitted into one. D epending on the school , some children had been in the admittance list from the moment they were born and in some extreme cases even before that. Something about the school bothered her, why had no one noticed the boy was being abused. Someone should have found out at some point or another and the teen removed from the care of his relatives. But it seemed that no one had .

        Harry had at times had the look in his eyes of someone older, much older, which had seen quite a lot in life and not all of it good . Usually those eyes were more common on street children, those that had to raise themselves and survive alone . But it was slightly at odds with someone who attended a boarding school. She had to concede that it might have something to do with the abuse he had suffered at his legal guardians’ hands, and the fact that when he asked for help it was not forthcoming.

        The small teen was mostly soft spoken. He had stammered, and at first he seemed definitely afraid and intimidated by the Anderson . But once Roberts took charge of the questioning he actually held his own. She suspected that the portly Inspector reminded him of someone, perhaps even his guardian. Mary sighed it was hard for her to deal with cases like Harry’s where se really could not do much to help heal the child’s emotional problems. She could only heal their physical wounds and hope they would get the help they needed once they left the hospital.

        Her turn was almost over, and she had spent a long time in Harry’s room. At least there had not been any emergencies that called her away during the questioning. She would have hated leaving the teen on his own with a man like Anderson . With all that she had to think about, the Doctor forgot the hospital’s chaplain had suggested they christened the baby girl . He was worried that her condition might worsen if they did not find a way to make her eat. They also had no previous knowledge of the father’s identity. So he wanted to follow the hospital’s standard procedure and give the infant a name before she was shipped to an orphanage.

        Now they knew who the second parent was, but it was no certainty that he would recognize the child as his own. According to what Miss Watkins told Harry, the man had not been aware of his girlfriend’s pregnancy . In any case the little baby girl was probably going to be in a children’s home , at least for a while . With that in mind she decided to ask the boy to suggest a name, they normally chose the name of the one to deliver the orphaned baby, or let this person choose a name for the infant anyway.

“Harry, since we can’t get a hold of the baby’s father, and we really can’t keep calling her Jane Doe. Would you like to choose a name for her? She really seems to like you, and you also delivered her.”

“Name her? ” He was surprised and actually pleased to be asked. The only one he had ever named was Hedwig. But he worried about what Snape would do when he found out a Potter had named his child, it was probably not going to be good. “ I’m not sure the Professor is going to like that.”

“Do you think he’s going to recognize the baby as his child ? This man didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant , and from what her mother declared they weren’t married. If he doesn’t want his daughter, which is not unheard off, she’ll be sent to an orphanage. I t would be better if she already had a name.” She explained softly, and was surprised when he exclaimed alarmed.

“An orphanage? No, you can’t do that to her!”

“Sometimes there is no option.” Mary’s voice was soft and a bit resigned, she did not like the idea of sending little ones to orphanages, but she knew that was the only option the infants had sometimes.

“The ‘greasy git’ can’t be that evil as to not want his own daughter!” He just could not believe the snarky man would reject his offspring . Anne had been sure he would take care of her.

“Greasy git?” Doctor Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Umm, yeah,” Harry said looking a bit embarrassed. “We call him that, also ‘overgrown bat’ he always dresses in black, and is so pale. It doesn’t help that he seems to love the school’s dark dungeons and you rarely see him outside in the sunlight. Although we know he’s not a vampire because he has refereed some q… games. ”

“Harry vampires are not real,” she chuckled.

“I know,” although he knew that in the magical world they indeed existed and as he had said, Snape was always present at the quidditch games. So it was also true that he was not a vampire no matter how much he resembled one. “But that doesn’t convince my dorm mates that he isn’t.”

“Well, anyway how about choosing a name?” Mary asked again.

“If you really think I should…”

“You should, if you don’t, some other member of the staff is going to do so. Or the paramedics that were there will. You at least know her father and you can guess what name he might like.”

“Sure, like it’s easy to know what he thinks. I can almost hear him sneer ‘Well Mr. Potter, you managed to get yourself -yet again- in things that do not concern you.’” He said in his best imitation of Snape , which was actually pretty good considering that he had trouble reproducing the man’s deep baritone .

“So your last name is Potter?” She said with a hint of amusement. He shot her a look of pure terror and the amusement died.

“Please don’t tell them! He said he’ll kill me if I return, and he will you know? He will kill me if he sees me again!” He pleaded, his voice reflecting the fear and his belief that his uncle’s threats.

“Calm down Harry, calm down. I won’t tell for the moment , but you will have to in the end; and if this Professor comes then the police are going to find out who you are.”

“They will, but… but I’m hoping the Professor won’t be sending me back to them; if he can find them that is.”

“You keep saying that they moved. Surely it won’t be that hard to find them, and they will have to. I’m positive constable Richardson wants to press charges against your guardians.”

“What good with that do? It’s my word against theirs, and they made sure the neighbors and anyone that ever saw I lived with them, believed I was a criminal and attended a school for criminal boys. If they find them I will end back living with them and my Uncle is finally going to kill me like he wanted to.”

Second Chance (Chapter 5) Unfinished

Second Chance
Harry Potter Fanfiction

By Animealam

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters created by J.K. Rowling. I do like to borrow them for time to time to star in the little plots that run through my mind.

Author’s Note:

Notes about my other fics:


– I don’t believe I can call this completely AU (Alternate Universe) since it deals with Harry’s sixth year, and well the book has not been out yet. Still, I think it’s very unlikely JK Rowling would use this kind of plot for her next installment of Harry Potter.

– Not a native English speaker writing.

– Characters might be Out Of Character (OOC) actually, Severus will be (obviously since he’ll be a baby

– There will be spoilers for all five books.

style=’font-size:10.0pt;font-family:”Albertus Medium”;color:black’>Revision Notes: All revisions and corrections to the story are color-coded. It is mostly to know what I am adding or modifying before sending the final chapter to be beta’ed’.

style=’font-size:10.0pt;font-family:”Albertus Medium”;color:black’>Original Draft
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style=’font-size:10.0pt;font-family:”Albertus Medium”;color:red’>Beta’s Corrections


Chapter 5

They went upstairs to his shabby little room. Harry was happy that at least he had decided to keep it as ordered
style=’color:navy’> as possible
, although he was usually too tired at night to actually ‘do’ more than
style=’color:navy’>pick his clothes from the floor
style=’color:green’>It would be too embarrassing to let the Headmaster see it looking like the pigsty Dudley’s usually did.
As they went up, Harry noticed the baby was curious about the pictures on the walls, so he let him watch them more closely without letting him touch, his aunt would kill him if the frames got dirty with baby drool. It was that distraction that kept him from noticing the Headmaster’s scowl
style=’color:navy’>, at seeing the padlocks on his door, and then when he finally saw the inside of the room

“This wont do,” Albus muttered when he got a good look of the child’s bedroom. He was glad he had brought some things he has planned to give Harry before his birthday.

The powerful wizard worked casting spell after spell in deep concentration. At some points he asked the Auror to cast one spell or other, but Harry did not catch them. Both youngsters watched for a while the pretty display that came out of the Headmaster’s wand, but even though Severus was skinny and light, after a while he became heavy to tired arms.

Harry sat with him on his lap; the older boy didn’t exactly know how to play,
style=’color:navy’>he had never been allowed to play when he was a child and the only games that he actually knew were for older boys. Still,
he managed something with the rattle until the baby cuddled for a light doze which Harry found contagious. He had really slept little since he arrived from Hogwarts, and was tired from the hard work
style=’color:navy’>the Dursleys had him do
. Both of them woke just as Dumbledore and Mad-Eye came out of the room and the first b
casting some strong wards
style=’color:navy’>on the door
, both boys were fascinated as they could see the colorful and tightly woven glittering threads of magic.

“They are lovely aren’t they Professor?” Harry commented softly to the baby. Severus gurgled busy trying to grab them. “But you can’t touch them, see?” He tried to grab and electric blue thread and his hand as well as the baby’s went through. Severus began pouting and whimpering, but oddly enough he didn’t cry. “Shhh… Professor, look here.” Harry was sure that if Snape started crying, he would not hear the end of it from his aunt; his uncle must have already left for work. He waved the rattle in front of the infant and the Potions Master’s attention turned to it.

“You can see the wards?” Mad-Eye asked surprised when he heard the boy, and then frowned.

“We both do, shouldn’t we?” Harry asked curious. He had never seen any kind of wards before, and he thought the Headmaster was letting them see on purpose.

“No my boy, neither of you should have. Hand me Severus and take a look outside,” Albus said as he pointed to the window. “I’ll like to know if you can see the wards outside.”

“All right Sir,” he handed a reluctant Severus to him. It was odd that the baby version of the feared Potions Master seemed to like and was comfortable with him. “But this is the first time I ever seen a ward.” Harry peered outside and saw nothing, he told them so.

“Think about the wards and look again child,” Albus suggested.

It seemed that Harry was finally coming into his own magic. According to the Prophesy, the boy was Tom Riddle’s equal, and Riddle had been extremely powerful even as an eleven year old. Harry was a strong wizard, but had never shown even half of the potential Tom Riddle had at the same age. If he was finally able to tap into that full reservoir of magical power he was sure they finally would have the leverage to beat Lord Voldemort.

“Wow! I can see them,” his voice was full of awe at the magnificent display outside Privet Drive. “They are soooo many and sooo pretty…” he then frowned as he saw that there were a few threads of a grayish color that ever so slowly were spreading.

“Something wrong my boy?”

“I’m not sure Sir, there are some… odd threads, I guess you could call them, that are spreading but… I get the feeling they shouldn’t.” The old wizard moved to the window. “Can you see wards? Those odd ones over there.” He pointed at them. Dumbledore frowned, they were slowly eroding the other wards and Severus began trembling in fear and crying softy. They were very Dark Magic, and he didn’t like what it meant for such a young child to recognize and fear it. “Hold Severus my boy, soothe him if you can.”

“Something wrong Albus?” Mad-Eye was by the window, his magical eye twirling at incredible speed as he scanned the protection outside the house. “Those are the original blood protection wards!” He exclaimed a bit alarmed. He did not know of any spell or curse that could attack those.

“Yes, I… I don’t  understand how Petunia Dursley could hate so much as to attract that spell. It’s been there since last year. Voldemort probably cast it to seek Harry and destroy his protection when he escaped at the Tournament.”

“Does that mean he knows where I live?”

“No child. That spell won’t report to him, but it will weaken the wards until he can use a tracking spell to find you easily. I have to give him credit for correctly assuming that your relatives did not love you. That particular spell feeds on hate and unless she has a sudden change of heart there is no way to stop it.” He explained thoughtfully. His eyes roaming the hallway.

“Well, I’m no longer safe here, am I? So… what am I going to do now?”

“That spell is working slowly, so we still have some time to think of something. The spell will speed up a bit since I’m sure Mrs. Dursley is not happy right now with the recent changes. I’m a bit surprised that Severus could see the wards, though. Few witches or wizards can. Only those really powerful have been known to have this… ‘Sight’. In your case it means you’re gaining magical strength which is very good. I was hoping it happened sooner rather than later. But in Severus case… well it’s an unexpected surprise. He was a powerful wizard on his own accord as an adult, though not strong enough to see wards.”

“Maybe he fooled yow. He’s a Slytherin after all.”

“He didn’t. I always knew he had a lot of potential, but it didn’t make sense that he couldn’t tap into it. It was as if something stopped him. Too know I’ve always been able to sense magical potential, and his was always subdued.”

“Maybe he blocked it as a child or something,” Harry suggested and Moody scowled at the idea though it was quite possible.

“Umm…you might be right Harry. Severus childhood was for from pleasant something or things might have happened to make him block it.” At this flashes from that time Harry entered his Professor’s mind during occlumency came to mind. From those images alone he could guess it was much worse than his own, so he nodded in agreement. “We’ll talk about that later my boy. Right now…” he trailed off as his eyes settled on an old photograph on the wall. There was a young woman who looked like Lily Evans during her first year. But he could see that despite the resemblance she was not Lily. There was also a man in his mid thirties and another young woman about the same age as the Lily look alike. Albus knew her and the man well. “Harry,” he said in a bit of shock.

“Yes sir?”

“Do you know who these people are?” He tapped the photograph with his wand lightly.

“Umm… I’m not completely sure Sir. I know she’s my grandmother. Mum’s and aunt Petunia’s mother. She keeps this photograph here, actually it’s the only one on display of her. There’s something related to some scandal or something. I believe the man is Great grandfather, but… she never speaks of him and I don’t know who she is, though she looks Familiar and I haven’t been able to place where I’ve seen her.”

“You never saw her Harry. She was killed about thirty yeans ago. The one you know is her son. Her name was Laura Drake; actually she was Lady Laura Drake; a very powerful muggle born witch. The man’s her father, the Earl of Drake. He’s a very influential muggle who happens to be the main partner of Gringotts Goblins in their muggle enterprises. The Earls of Drake have been involved with magic for centuries.”

“Wow! But who’s her son? I… well if she was killed thirty years ago he isn’t a classmate,”

“No,” Albus chuckled.” He was your Professor and you’re carrying him now.”

“She’s Snape’s mother? But…how come she’s with my grandmother?”

“That, we’re going to ask your aunt. But first lest see your new rooms, shall we?”

“Rooms Sir? But…it was only a closet sized one.”

“But it’s no longer like that my boy. Before we go in, tap your wand in the middle of the door three times and tell it a password. This will keep your relatives out, as well as any unwanted guest.”

“Ok,” he stood before the door looking thoughtful before he pulled his wand out of his oversized jeans. He tapped three times and said softly. “Slytherin Snape.”

“Slytherins Snape? What kind of a password is that?” Mad Eye barked a bit shocked.

“One that NO ONE would believe I, a Gryffindor, would ever use.  Everyone thinks I hate the Professor and all Slytherins, which isn’t really true. What do you think Professor?” He asked the baby, who gurgled.” See? He approves, and that’s a first in life.” Albus chuckled at that, it seemed Harry was actually liking the infant version of Severus.

“Well thought Harry, I do think that no one would believe you capable of using that password. Now open the door.”

Harry did expecting a bigger version of his old room, with perhaps an annex for the baby and a bathroom. Instead he found a whole house, not quite furnished yet but quite large. The door opened to a well-lit entrance hall, with huge wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows at the back. On the other side of the windows he could see a big garden and beyond what appeared to be a regulation sized guided itch pitch. The-boy-who-lived could only gape. He noticed through the windows that the house was really big; two storied and U shaped the Hall being in the middle of the central part. Twin staircases went up from both sides of the hall. There were two big glass doors on each side leading to other parts of the house. At the Headmaster encouraging nod Harry went through the door to his right. He found the living and dinning rooms. There were stairs going down at the end of that hallway. He followed them and found the kitchen with a small dinning table. Storage rooms, what appeared to be house-elves quarters, a potions workroom, and a magic training room. There were stairs going up and he came on the other side were a huge library was, still mostly empty, a nice office/workroom and a sunny sitting room.

He then went up one of the staircases; there were three rooms there –

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