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When I did the list yesterday I forgot I still have some more that I have written in the TabletPC, as well as I started one last night (sleep deprivation or something) so here are the names of the others.

Harry Potter
A Family
This one is just the idea. I got this based on Muggleville by Padawan-JanAQ.
Untitled as of yet Only the basic idea. AU First year crippled Slytherin Harry. (Probably won’t make it beyond this)
The war is over, Harry killed Voldemort. The Dursleys don’t want him and the wizarding world is suffocating him with their attention.
Harry is 17. He is tired and just wants to have a peaceful life, so he changes his name to Harry Evans (not very original), and leaves England to backpack travel Europe. He meets some other young people traveling and some recomend going to the Americas. So he does and travels the states (he turns 18 here). There he meets a guy named Gunther (german) older and more experienced traverler (or so he thought). They begin traveling together, Gunther suggests they go to Mexico and make their way to Cancun. Harry doesn’t mind he has all the time in the world and follows.
Gunther notices that the boy has more money than he thought and in Mexico City he gets Harry drunk on tequila, and steals his money.
Harry wakes when Gunther is going through his things, and a fight issues. The young wizard is highly trained in magical and muggle combat, but he is too drunk to be any good at it and he gets quite a beating. Gunther takes his identifications and leaves him stranded in a country where he does not know the language and Harry does not dare use magic for fear that those he left might track him and he does not want to go back. He spends about a week trying to get documents from the British Consulate, he has no where to sleep (he had to leave the dingy hotel they had been staying) so he’s sleeping on the streets and it’s rainy season.
He gets very sick, he is seeking refuge at the entrance of a colonial building downtown when someone approaches his. It is himself looking a couple of years older. The older Harry tells him he is risking a paradox, but if he doesn’t save himself no one else will. He tells him to accept a special time travel portkey. To four years back, and to accept the help of the first person to offer it. Young Harry ends accepting it. To his surprise he is transported to the same place it’s still cold and raining, but it’s now crowded with women of all ages.
A young man introduced himself as Pedro and offers him a warm and dry place. Pedro owns a chippendale club (a stripper club).
Harry tells him part of his story and Pedro is understanding. Harry gets a small room on the building’s roof (the whole building houses the club), he gets well and first gets a job cleaning. The Dursleys taught him well, after a couple of weeks of watching the guys dance and prepare their shows Pedro offers him a job as a stripper, they make more money and well, Harry is very good looking and has a toned body. Harry is a bit reluctant since he is too shy, but more money means more food and perhaps better clothing so he agrees.
From here the story can either be het or Slash. I’m thinking slash SS/HP (only kind I like).
Dumbledore sends Severus and Hermione looking for Harry and they are following the young wizards trail.
Now Harry turns out to be a natural dancer and does incredibly well stripping. He meets a mexican witch (no mary sue, although I wouldn’t have minded including myself). He learns how wizards and witches do magic in the country and he gets to further his education, both muggle and wizard. A friend of the witch is a Potions Master, it turns out that Harry is a natural at this but Snape never gave him a chance.
Since he is 4 years back he attends University (In Mexico we don’t have the concept of College, took me a while to understand what it was). Lives with the witch, they are friends in the slash version and lovers in the het. Stipping pays for his studies.
When the time comes he rescues himself, and about a month later Snape and Hermione catch up with him. Harry is dancing, but saying goodbye since he has now graduated as a Potions Master and already has a very good job as a Potions Master waiting for him. Snape has to glamour himself to look like a woman and well drools all over like the women of the club when Harry strips. Hermione too for that matter. And this is all I have thought of.
Correcting Fate
AU – The final battle is over, Snape is dying and Harry Potter lost. He did not have enough love or loving experiences to be able to fight Voldemort.
Dumbledore realizes the huge mistake he made in placing the poor boy in an unloving enviroment. They boy just gave up Severus feels sorry.
When he died he is confronted by a spirit and asked if he was willing to help stop the same from happening in an alternate universe. Snape does and he gets transported to another place where he will rescue a little four year old Harry that has been abandoned in London by his relatives.
In Severus original universe the police retrieved the child and returned him, but in this one Severus takes him and raises Harry as his own child.
Bond Dragons
Sixth year Post OotP
Harry is left alone at home by his relatives. They have found another place to live in Australia. Vernon was to tell the ‘freaks’ but with the Order’s threats he was not able.
Harry does not want to tell anyone about this and is managing the best that he can.
He gets a chest and in it is a letter from his great-grandfather on the Potter side. Not all Potters have the gift, but they become something called bond dragons. It was more than an animagus forms and the first time they transform they loose the knowledge of who they are for a year. during that year they are dragons (but like no others, for once they don’t grow too big yet) and a bond mate (a wizard of witch that will become their riders, friends and companions for the rest of their lives) will take care of them.
This transformation can’t be stopped, bond dragons only choose people on the side of light and they are great warriors once grown (adulthood comes after 3 years for the dragon form). The chest becomes a pendant that Harry has to carry with him at all times.
When he transforms and is transported to his bond wizard the chest will give the wizard or witch a book where explanations and instructions about the care of the dragon are (yes!!!! he he he instruction manual).
Harry changes and ends on the forbidden forest on top of a very pissed potions master.
Harry is roughly the size of a cocker spaniel (yes very small but he has just… hatched) black with emerald green highlights, and completely unaware of what or who he was.
Severus ends up taking him to Hagrid and the half giant tell him what the creature is. A bond dragon and he is his chosen. No more spying work for Severus.
When Severus meets Harry
Sixth year Post OotP – No slash, Snape mentors Harry.
Sixth year Post OotP – Severitus modified – Fudge is not happy that Harry and Dumbledore have made him look ridiculous after the events of the Department of Mysteries. He wants revenge and wants the boy in Azkaban. to compromise Dumbledore has to agree to expell the boy. He plans on apprenticing him to any of the teachers or take him himself. Harry is too depresed and when Fudge comes with the accusations and breaks his wand the boy’s remaining world crumbles. Fudge orders the wards at Privet Drive dismantled then leaves. Dumbledore stays to explain, but has to leave because there is a mayor DE attack on muggles.
The Dursleys are gleeful so Harry gets a few punches from Dudley and then Vernon drives him to the Leaky Cauldron. Harry must not come back EVER.
Snape sees a very dazed Harry at the Leaky Cauldron and takes him back to Privet Drive. Petunia chased the boy away with a broom and Harry goes to the alley where the dementors attacked him the day before. He takes his trunk with a rather gobsmacked Snape following him.
Harry then lays on his trunk and wills himself to die, there is nothing for him and since he has been literally thrown out of the magical world he feels no duty to save them from Voldemort. He wants peace, to be with his parents and with Sirius.
Powerful wizards could indeed will themself off existance and the young boy is one, so he is dying. Snape realizes this and has to take a decision, he is a master at wandless magic. If he takes the boy as an apprentice (for this they have to share a bond that makes them like parent and child, so he can control the magic while teaching the boy. With this bond he can keep Potter from dying) he has the qualities for that, the boy lives and has a chance to go back to the magical world. So he does, the only thing is that this bond will break any other bond previously existent with the exception of the bond for soulmates. So once he saves Harry, the bond destroys his link to Voldemort.
Dreams and Beginnings
I got the idea for this one after reading New Beginning by Darkwritter7 which is incomplete. I’ll add a summary later.
When Laws Change Life
Loosely and I mean LOOSELY based on WKITT Marriage Law Challenge – Slash and Het –
Ron’s gone, Harry and Hermione are 7th years and Voldemort is gone. The Wizarding World lost too many people. The ministry creates the Marriage Law, and it applies to any muggleborn from the age of 16 and up, both male and female, they had to produce a child within a year of the marriage. It also applies to direct half-bloods. The Law also specifies that polygamy is allowed but only up to two spouses and one of each gender, as males can conceive with potions. Those who disobey the Law have to surrender their wands and allow their memories wiped. Those who disobeyed and escaped with wands would be auctioned to the highest bidder.
Harry is not considered a half-blood since both his parents were magical. He offers to marry Hermione to save her.
Severus has a problem, he is a half blood, although his records had been sealed until the stupid law. His mother was muggle, as his father’s wife was barren, she adopted him as her own and that solved the problem. But this law did not accept adoptions. So someone had to petition for him.
His role as a spy had been discovered and there were still Death Eaters that had managed to escape and would want to kill him. Severus also has a deep secret, as an accident when he was a teen rendered him a hermaphrodite. The condition could not be reversed and the laws that applied to his kind were barbaric. They lost all rights and became the property of the ministry, they then became breeders, as all the children from his kind were magical so they were auctioned again and again until they died in childbirth, never allowed to keep the child. The only way to avoid this fate was to marry someone trustworthy who would protect them. Being as ugly and disagreable as he was Snape had no hope of marrying someone, so instead he kept to himself.
Only Poppy and Albus knew about his condition.
Albus worried about his potions master and friend so he asked Harry to marry him. It was allowed, and Harry was bi. After much arguing the teen agreed, and the arguments got worse trying to convince Snape, but the they had to marry before the due date or Severus would have to give his wand. They married the last day, Harry and Hermione had their ‘wedding night’ that day and Severus’ turn would be the next, so the dour man left the two alone. He was captured and charged on trying to escape, no one believed him he was married to Harry Potter. He was beaten and offered along with others captured a few days later at the auctions block. The aurors were actually overzealous and some of those offered had been indeed married. At the block it is discovered that Snape is a hermaphrodite and he almost got raped. Harry and Albus arrived just in time to denounce the aurors and provide proof that Severus was legally married to him before the due date. This starts and investigation… I have written only to this part and don’t really know if I’ll continue it.
Bringing Forth Life

AU – I read the guidelines of the Infinite Cantatum Challenge in the After Class yahoo group. I like some of the ideas, and even if I can’t enter the challenge I decided to base a story on them.

  • Both Severus and Harry are hermaphrodites.
  • Harry did not reach Hogwarts until his 16 birthday.
  • Harry in Slytherin

Harry is a street child, he keeps his secret but one day when he is still fifteen he is attacked by members of a rival gang. He gets raped. He owns a cobra  and knows how to use his magic, so he kills one of his rapists and his cobra the other. He gets pregnant but doesn’t understand what’s happening to him since he did not know he exactly what he was, only that he was different.

He has to leave his previous refuge and ends living in an alley close to the Leaky Cauldron. He picks pockets to survive or sometimes is allowed to work.
The pregnancy is very hard on him, he is malnurished and sick. When he’s eight months he picks the pockets of Severus Snape who is just returning from another fruitless search of Harry Potter. They know that his relatives abandoned him, and that the boy is still alive, but not where and in what condition.

Severus catches the scrawny thief and it’s then that he realized who, and what the boy is. Harry had been in labour since earlier in the day, and was weak with hunger. Snape takes him back to Hogwarts and they help him deliver a beautiful baby girl, who is healthier than the father.

A magical hermaphrodite needs to be mated, and his mate’s support for childbirth or he dies. Harry was coherent enough to say he was attacked and the father killed. So it’s Severus who takes that place.





So these are the plot bunnies I have so far. If you like to use an idea please, please let me know so I can read it.

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