Challenge: Changing the Past by shigeki11

Title: Changing the Past by shigeki11
Location: Potions and Snitches Archive
Summary: Severus and Harry are the only ones left after the Battle of Hogwarts, everyone else having been driven insane or are dead. In order to prevent this from happening, they decide to travel to the past and adopt Tom Riddle Jr, to give him the childhood he deserves.


  • Harry and Severus must pretend to be father/son. Maybe even develop this before they go back into the past.
  • Harry and Severus have to make realistic preparations: i.e. think of a suitable surname, store up money, birth certificates, proof of Mastery, etc.
  • The time travel device itself has to be more than just a simple spell, charm, or time turner. Make it interesting!
  • Tom has to be young, maybe two or three.
  • This fic has to involve WWII. It doesn’t necessarily need to have actual battle scenes, but how the Wizarding World deals with the Battle of Britain would be interesting.
  • Severus and Harry should take an active part in the world, maybe get jobs?
  • Grindelwald should be involved… he IS the “Dark Lord” of this time.
Categories: Categories: Comrades, Father
Characters: Characters: !Snape and Harry (required), Dumbledore, Other
Notes: I’m working on this challenge as well. At the moment it’s only on the planning stages, although I already have a lot of ideas on paper. Although not developed, more like a list of things I want. This will be a long story probably over 15 chapter’s long, and might not completely fill the requirements. So far it does, but who knows where the muses  will take me.

I want to do this right, so I’m also doing some research about the time the story will develop. I’m yet not sure whether it will go all the way to modern times or not.

Challenge: Hidden as Snape’s Daughter by carvell

Summary: Dumbledore never makes it to Harry’s trial (summer of 5th year) and Harry is sentenced to Azkaban to be kissed. Snape rescues him and Harry is hidden in plain sight, as Snape’s daughter; he ends up in Slytherin. Only Snape knows who he really is, the rest of the world thinks he’s dead from the Dementor’s kiss. No romance whatsoever.
Categories: Guardian
Characters: !Snape and Harry (required)

This is a challenge that caught my attention a while ago. I have already started it, and although what I have written so far might not fit the challenge entirely, I hope it will still be interesting enough. It has no name yet except for its serial. HP – SB – Untitled 079. I’m currently typing what I have written by hand and will be posting the revisions as soon as I have them on the computer. They will be drafts.
At the moment I believe I have about three chapters worth, but won’t post a final version until I have at least half of the story typed and the end drafted. I have left all of my fics on hold because of my muses leaving, and I rather not to that again.
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